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 The River
4 Nov 2001 @ 21:31, by ZERO

The world is not as it seems. Water, wind, skin and rocks, breath and thought and love and God are all the one thing, nothing is seperate, and there is nothing else. All your eyes can see is paterns of light, and light cannot show you, give you, connect you to the energy of this reality. Your inspirations, euphoria, satisfaction, and love are all reactions to the connection to, and communion with this energy- with your true self, and the true nature of the entire world and all the things that make it work. Life is a continuous flow of energy, ancient and yet forever new. Like a river. The water is energy on but one path of its cycle, flowing powerfully, but subtly to the ocean. Upon reaching the ocean this energy is dispersed into the vast "sea", where it is combined with all other energies of that kind. It is then called up into the sky, in a new form- yet not, as a new energy- yet not, and again dispersed through the sky as clouds. This energy is then returned to the earth- in the mountains, where the forces of nature and sinchronicity take it eventually to its own kind again on that same sacred journey to the sea.

So it is in life. With thought, love, and wisdom being the energy that passes through this river of life. As old as life itself, but as new as newborn baby. Life and nature and time are all just words. You are the Earth through witch the rivers of life, nature and time, of thought, love, and wisdom, are travelling. You are the sea where it all converges, you are the clouds that enlighten and free them, the mountains that bring them together and use them and ground them, and the river through witch these energies flow and are actualized. You need only to become aware of this process to apply it to your life, and thats what we are all about.

Enjoy the journey.

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