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picture26 Nov 2006 @ 00:07, by Tom Bombadil

Human perfection…

Human frailty...

1967: Danish filmmaker Jorgen Leth made a 12-minute short film entitled The Perfect Human (Danish: Det Perfekte Mennesk).

Why does he move like that?
How does he move like that?

Look she is going to lie down.
How will she lie down?
She lies down like that.Like that.

April 2001:
Danish filmmaker Lars von Trier challenged his old mentor Jorgen Leth to remake the short film, five different times, within the guidelines of increasingly difficult set of constraints: The Five Obstructions (De Fem benspænd)

What is the perfect human thinking?
Is he thinking about happiness? Death? Love?
About what he is going to do tonight?
We want to see what he can do and cannot do.
Is he perfect enough?
Or not entirely?
Is he free?

The perfect human
that's just something we say
while hoping he can do what we say he can do.

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