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picture21 Apr 2005 @ 21:09, by Tom Bombadil

Breaking The Bonds Of Disobedience

In this latest adventure, the Bible Adventure Team discovers their old nemesis Luxor Spawndroth has devised a plan to trick Bibleman and young actress Lia Martinez into disobeying God. By using his Microbius Disobedientis (the germ of disobedience), Luxor convinces Bibleman and Lia to give up their roles in a local theatre production. With tempers flaring and time running out, Bibleman and Lia learn a powerful lesson in Proverbs 19:16 "Whoever obeys the commands protects his life."

From the unbelievable kidnapping of one of the Adventure Team members, to a final showdown in the streets of Randall Town, this attention-grabbing episode takes you to a new level of action! Will Bibleman overcome the disobedient factor? Has the time come for the Bible Adventure Team to recruit a real live Biblegirl? Find out how God uses obedience to help Lia be more than she ever dreamt in: Breaking the Bonds of Disobedience.

The Incredible Force of Joy

A science student named Michael has his joy stolen by the Master of Mystery. Can Bibleman help him get his joy back?
A Fight for Faith

In "A Fight For Faith" the Bibleman tradition continues in high style as Cypher and Biblegirl welcome a new Bibleman, the young and heroic Josh Carpenter, and join forces to battle the wild, Wacky Protestor.

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22 Apr 2005 @ 15:06 by jazzolog : Jumpin' Jehovah, Bibleman!
In his everyday life, Bibleman actually is an attention-deficit crippled newsboy, who sells his papers in front of a global-dominating capitol building. When evil villains try to pass their sinful legislation in that congress, Bibleman reveals his true identity and springs into action.

And listen kids! Don't forget to have Mom subscribe to the exciting Bible Verse Club. Here's how!!!! {link:}  

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