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picture5 Apr 2005 @ 23:39, by Tom Bombadil

Tom Bombadil: And now, this NCN Update, with Emily Litella.

Emily Litella: I'm here tonight to speak out against the appalling behavior of one long standing member of NCN who goes by the deceptively innocent handle of Vixen.

Vixen, as we all know is a superhero in the DC Comics universe. Her real name is Mari Jiwe Macabe and she has various animal related powers: such as the speed of a cheetah and so on. She was a member of the Justice League during the "Detroit League" era. Later on, she joined the Suicide Squad and teamed up with the similarly-powered hero Animal Man.

But this is only the surface of things. What I mean to be talking about here, is this:

What is a vixen, really?

A quick search on the web yielded the following definitions:


1) A female,
2) A mean woman,
3) A flirty woman,
4) An attractive or sexy woman,
5) A woman who's more than one of the previous three.

This is apalling. And it begs the follow-up question: what kind of a person would wish to use Vixen as a nickname?

Well, let me tell yah. People who use such nicknames may think they harm no one, but the truth is that they are swept up in a system of sexist and misogynistic exploitation of women that is degrading to all.

I mean, are you even really a woman, Miss Vixen? Exploitation of women has become an accepted part of our overly patriarchal culture which is at the very source of everything that is conceivably wrong in our present civilization. When a man labels a woman a Vixen, or any such ill conceived stereotype, he may feel justified in committing physical or psychological violence against her. The name-calling may also be representative of the way these men are thinking and feeling the anger, disdain, and ill feelings toward women. Education is the first step in changing gender relations and...

Tom Bombadil: [ interrupting ] Miss Litella?

Emily Litella: Yes?

Tom Bombadil: I'm sorry. But I just got a call from Ming who tells me that NCN doesn't have any member who goes by the name of Vixen. He says the name you were probably thinking of must be Vaxen. Vaxen. Not Vixen.

Emily Litella: Oh. I'm sorry. Never mind.


With a wink (and my apologies) to both Vixen and Vaxen and to Saturday Night Live, from which the character of Emily Litella was "borrowed", just the time of this report.

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6 Apr 2005 @ 01:30 by Hanae @ : Cute

A bit late for April Fool tho :-)  

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