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Sen to Chihiro no kamikakushi
(Sen and the Mysterious Disappearance of Chihiro)

One of the things movies can do, and great movies always do, is evoke dimensions, ways of being, feelings, thoughts, emotions, etc. Dimensions that are somehow "above and beyond" our normal, everyday lives.

And Spirited Away by director Hayao Miyazaki certainly does just that.

Richard Scheib, at The Science Fiction, Horror and Fantasy Film Review, describes it here as "a film with genuine magic":

"...Spirited Away has an epically expansive feel that simply makes all easy animated contemporaries from the likes of Disney, Pixar and DreamWorks SKG seem like empty eye candy. In comparison to these Miyazaki emphasizes a contemplative quietude. His animation is plain, but stunning in its painterly detail and his emphasis on quietness of character..."

And some of the magic has to do with the way the story is told through the eyes of the central character, Chihiro, a 10-year-old girl:

"...There’s a simplicity of story at the heart of it - one where Chihiro’s child-like innocence and non-judgmentalness is seen as having a purity and truth up against everyone else who is blinded by greed or stupidity. The imagination of Miyazaki’s world, the detail it comes rendered in and the quiet power of the film is stunning..."

The complete article by Richard Scheib at The Science Fiction, Horror and Fantasy Film Review can be found here.
(NB: The site, though not always accessible, is active and regulardly updated. So if at first you don't succeed... just try it again—the article is well worth it.)

More Reviews: here.

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