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 Breaking the Bonds of Disobedience1 comment
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 Time and Time, again0 comments
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 NCN Update [transcript]1 comment
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Tom Bombadil: And now, this NCN Update, with Emily Litella.  More >

 Back to Oz1 comment
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 Random Surrealism Generator13 comments
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 Everything Anime0 comments
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Among Friends

When encountering a close friend, you may find it necessary to suddenly shout that person's name at the top of your lungs in a frantic manner. Your friend will then in turn shout your name at the top of his or her lungs. This form of communication is especially effective when used repeatedly at a distance of about 100 yards.

Repeat this process about two dozen times over the course of the next 115 minutes. Congratulations, you have now witnessed the deep emotional bond and 80% of the dialogue shared by the two main characters in AKIRA.  More >