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 Island0 comments
picture21 May 2005 @ 04:52
Far out to Sea
Outside of Time
Reflecting Moonlight
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 Suutras for 'Nothing'0 comments
picture9 Mar 2005 @ 22:35
Photo: Bill Irwin in Samuel Beckett's Texts for Nothing

Time and again, philosophy finds that it can express itself best, not in cold and hard concepts, but in intricate metaphors. Plato used the story of the cave to illustrate Being and becoming. Indian philosophers often used stock metaphors to support their argument. In Chinese Buddhism too, key metaphors have helped to define and even to win important debates. In the evolution of early Ch'an, the metaphors of water and waves, mirror and lamp played significant roles.

The following article by Whalen Lai examines the meanings of these Ch'an metaphors and their related texts.
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 Rose, oh pure contradiction, joy2 comments
picture4 Mar 2005 @ 04:21
Rose, oh pure contradiction, joy
of being No-one's sleep, under so
many lids.

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