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 A psychedelic Western0 comments
picture20 Mar 2005 @ 08:42

One need not be a Chamber—to be Haunted—
One need not be a House—
The brain has Corridors—surpassing
Material place—

——Emily Dickinson
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 Starry Night1 comment
picture8 Mar 2005 @ 01:16
La nuit étoilée ( cyprès et village ), Saint-Rémy, juin 1889 - Huile sur toile, 73,7 x 92,1 cm

The Agony and the Ecstasy:

"These moods of tremendous happiness that the Romantics felt, when they believed that life was absolutely glorious and couldn't imagine that anybody would want to die. But they woke up the next morning thinking 'what the bloody hell was that all about?' and plunged straight back into this gloom. And that seemed to me to be the real question.  More >

 Philosophy's never looked so cool0 comments
picture27 Feb 2005 @ 04:18

Spell-binding visuals, accompanied by Kawai Kenji's moody and haunting music, Mamoru Oshii has done it again:  More >