As if the Sea should part - Category: Winged Eye    
 Through the White Door0 comments
picture8 May 2005 @ 04:44
As you enter,
it continues to be there,
always opening.
*-/.  More >

 Skycloud20 comments
picture9 Apr 2005 @ 16:34
From the foothills of the mountain in the East
across the river valley
to the volcanic fissure on the other side.
Three nodes of Lava.  More >

 Along the Road0 comments
picture28 Mar 2005 @ 18:27
Between the valley of fire
and the intergalactic pyramid of susp[ended animation.  More >

 Snow in the foothills1 comment
picture11 Mar 2005 @ 16:18
There is always a path amongst the rocks
and through the trees where the sound is calm
and silence broken only by the call of a bird in flight.  More >

 At the portal0 comments
picture6 Mar 2005 @ 16:36
of this Island
is one who would ask
what you are looking for here.
Who are you, and are you prepared
for any and all that might come along
during your explorations? Again,
even if you think you are alone,
there is always someone else here.
Horizon beckons.  More >

 Imaginary Island2 comments
picture3 Mar 2005 @ 10:48
in an Imaginary Sea,
and yours is the ship of discovery.
Is there anyone already there?
Is there anyone with you on deck?
What of the Flora and Fauna?
How long will you wish to stay?
A year and a day,
or forever and a day?  More >