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The existence is cognized beside the nonexistence. The man lives and doesn’t know that he is living. His existence is being defined by the joy and the daily life. But it doesn’t define existence. And then man betrays his joy and wants not to be pleased but to experience something else. That is how the nonexistence is born. And the man starts to speak. He speaks a lot, describes everything around him and especially what has opened to him. The man has suddenly seen how his existence and the existence of everything around of him is born. Existence as a transforming force penetrates into the nonexistence and gives birth. And the man decided that he has nothing to do with it. It was established that way. It is good to get rid of responsibility when you are free. Experienced something, it was realised, appeared in existence and said to himself and to existence: “it is not me, it is you”.

Existence has created, transformed forms from another ones, and it happened in existence. Man gave birth to the nonexistence and gave work to existence - now it had to reorganize from nonexistence either. Man felt nonexistence, i.e. unrealizable and death and was frightened and renounced his creation. And God had to be responsible for what was made by both Him and the man.

Man started to speak. Man gave names to everything around, named categories of existence and was silent on the emptiness of nonexistence. Was silent because there was nothing to say - emptiness. Much can be said about death but these words are the words of existence. Speaking about death, we understand it as a condition “not to live”, as a condition of unhappening of our inner being. We speak from the existence with the language of daily life. Our conception of nonexistence, as of existence, is utilitarian, i.e. connected with daily life. Only our own life has meaning for us. That exists - good, that does not - bad. We speak about it only from the standpoint of daily life. When we die, we remember, that we are separated from daily things. Our relatives mourn in the moment of our death about our separation of daily life: “how are we going to lead our daily life without you?”

Daily life is not existence. Daily life is not nonexistence as well. It is just a practice of needs and desires of man. Man feels comfortably within it - the desires of man are being realized in daily life. Existence is being realized in existence, nonexistence - in nonexistence, and there is no space for the realization of the desires of man. But man has daily life, that is where realization happens. The daily life, as man himself, stands on the verge between existence and nonexistence. And that is our existence.

Our existence tells us that causality, temporariness - are the attributes of nonexistence. It is time where it doesn’t happen, it is causality that destroys the inner integrity - everything in the man’s consciousness gets settled, every desire is realized, everything happens, and it is not so in existence. A desire is not realized - the integrity is destroyed. But this integrity is not existence, but the birth of the nonexistence. A desire is not realized - destruction happens. Destruction is a transitional step between existence and nonexistence. Is wished - but doesn’t happen - nonexistence. But this is the nonexistence of man, but not the nonexistence of nonexistence. But behind the nonexistence of man, the nonexistence of nonexistence opens. Time points to it.

Time is fluctuating, unstable, its events are changeable. Today is - tomorrow is not, today - everything, tomorrow - nothing. Time always piles everithing up into the nonexistence, and my actions there and actions of others and life of the society itself, everything dissolves in it. Time points to nonexistence. Time is a border. To live in time is to live abroad, live in nothing. To live where there is no space - is absurdity. To live where there is nothing existent - is even more absurdity. Nevertheless we live, or better to say always wish to live. We have everything in the future. Everything is in the future in nonexistence, existence is always being expected in nonexistence, when it comes and changes everything and create forms. That’s how we live.

We want existence. The wish of existence can be only in nonexistence. But this desire can not be realized while we are in nonexistence. And our desires are unsteady, we want something today, and we want different tomorrow. This is the reason for nonexistence - we are unsteady.

Existence presumes constancy. Constancy is an attribute of eternity, and it means of existence. In existence everything is out of time. Time and the causality of the events - are the border area between existence and nonexistence. A reconciling constant of the border existence of man. We act and something from the desireable is being realized, even more of what was desired happens, if our desire was not a parasitizing on anyboby else. We want pleasure at the expense of other, of existence. And than is doesn’t happen, when the existence evades of our consumer participation in it. We are astonished, puzzled and embittered by that occurence. When we are ready to give up smth. - existence accepts and we hear the answer, we recieve smth. from it. We can’t paratisize on existence, we can’t do anything at its expense, only barter, exchange, dialogue is possible with it.

When man wants smth. from being - and it is not realized, he devises - paratisizes on nonexistence, as it seems to him. And as a matter of fact nonexistence paratisizes on him - man feels the fullness of unhappened. And horror is being born. Horror is born inside ourselves, in our inner nonexistence, and we sin against the existence as a whole. That is how the existence of the nonexistent is confirmed.

Horror confirms nonexistence. Horror is not a reaction on existence. Horror is a realization of nonexistence. And when the nonexistent is realized, the existence is born. That is how nonexistence appears in existence. And once again we decide that it is a derivative of existence. It happens inside us and we think, that outside. We are deceived by our own nonexistence.

We consider our problems the problems of the world. We look into the nonexistence and we are reflected in it. We see ourselves and think that we see existence. It is a deception of ourselves - and another cause for nonexistence. Nonexistence is not in a reflection of existence, nonexistence is in deception. We think that existence is ugly and it is made ugly by unhappened, i.e. by nonexistence. But it is our reflection. That is how nonexistence is cognized but in this cognition we don’t see its distinction from existence.

We are reflected by the nonexistence in existence. We are reflected and this reflection frightens us. We suffer and the suffering gives birth th horror. Nonexistence appears in existence and this spectacle gives birth to horror inside us. It makes the understanding of reality to disappear and we plunge into subjectivism. Subjectivism - means that the borders between oun inner existence and existence as a whole are erased, and existence and nonexistence become two sides of the same space, in which the man lives.

The boundlessness of own existence becomes identital to the boundlessness of nonexistence. Two sides of one phenomenon - all the qualities of one become qualities of another, mutually reflecting and turning over while reflecting. It happens with man as in the obscure camera a system of mutually reflecting mirrors is arranged to get the image. Conception of existence - is an image from the obscure camera.

But the existence is not a reflection of nonexistence, and then its qualities are different. And it is impossible to explore the nature of existence through the understanding of nonexistence and vice versa. Existence is hidden by the system of mirrors of man. The existence is behind an image and reflection, which are born in the consciousness of man. The image - is a language, talk about what you see. And you nonexistence. So the talk is about empty.

The talk of man is from the boundary between own being and being as a whole. All unhappened is a sign of nonexistence in man. Lie, treason, lack of love - are the signs of temporariness, and it means of nonexistence, but of nonexistence not beyond, not in existence, but in man himself. It means that man stands on the verge between existence and nonexistence. On this verge he is inside himself and on this verge he collides with other and with the world outside. The nonexistence of the world, born by man, replies to the nonexistence inside the man. That is how the image is turned over on the verge.

This verge runs where the emptiness is. The birth of the emptiness, existence of the nonexistent - are the tragedies of unhappened. And it is the tragedy of man, not the world, because the world is experienced by every man and we hear talk from everywhere - the reflexion of nonexistence. And the man started to feel the need of dumbness, as of the voice of nonexistence.

Dumbness is not the emptiness of the absolute nonexistence, dumbness is a fullness of meanings of existence. Dumbness is not a boundary, but a submersion into the depth of the absolute. There is no balance between existence and nonexistence in dumbness. Nonexistence would never tap a dumb on the shoulder, he would never cognize unrealized - he always has meanings in front of him, always existent, always happening. One, submerged into existence doesn’t wish and doesn’t meet unrealized.

Desire - the killer of existence, is a boundary between existence and nonexistence. I wish something and by my will force the environment and another man. Violence is a mother of nonexistence. It is born where the world and another one have no possibility to fullfill my desire. Desire is born from the perverted understanding of my will. Instead of living in existence and feeling what is happening around me, I make existence a target ground for the fullfillment of my desires. The target ground is nonexistence. It is a place where the existence is violated by nonexistence. This ground is not beyond but inside the man himself.

Man creates this target ground, thinking he makes it for the realization of his desires but as a matter of fact for himself. The man is not realized on this ground by is violated by his own desire. It is not him testing the existence, but it is him tested by the nonexistence. That is the problem. The man is guilty - he is the creator, but he blames the existence, which lives inside him.

He would better stay silent, but he blames everybody for what didn’t happen, for being violated. And it is just his desire reakized this way - as an instrument of violence , because it was realized in nonexistence. To wish - means not to be, to be - not to wish, but to realize and to listen to the answer of the existence. To carry the responsibility for an act and not to speak The act - activity and dumbness.

Dumbness - knowing of the existence, accusation - are the showings of nonexistence. The state of dumbness is not a state of silence. A wise or a fool keeps silence, and dumbness is beyond these categories, because dumbness comes not from the state of mind, but from the fullness of meanings. Dumbness - is a condition of overfullness, which happens before the mouth starts speaking. It is a contemplation of a beauty of existence and its meanings, it is a moment of realization, after which reflexion of talk comes. And now it is a talk of a dumb man. It is not a talk of a man, talking about the talk, but the words of a dumb man as a reflexion of an act in existence. Words of existence on existence. The inner being of man talks to the existence of the world about his own and common, it tells that this existence is joint and undivided.

Speaking dumb man - in not an egoist. His word doesn’t have two sides. No words about existence, in which nonexistence is translucent as an implication. His consciousness is not a tilting doll, lingering between the absolutes of existence and nonexistence. He understands that one transforms another - existence changes nonexistence. Existence of man has created a kind of mass, emptiness, in which there is nothing, but the existence which created it is translucent, and this condition has accepted the existence of the world. But nonexistence is not absolute, it is created for a man, which together with God transforms it. The neccessity of transformation of nonexistence is held not in God, but in man. God accustoms him to the process of creation of existence, teaches him to be a creator. Existence needs an interlocutor but not a consumer. Nonexistence is there for consuption. It is consumed, transformed in the stomach and the product of nonexistence is found - the creation of man. Product of nonexistence is not food, it is waste, a kind of used materials.

Existence can’t be exhausted, consequently, it is made of nonexistence. Put meaning to nonexistence and the emptiness is filled. God put meanings to nonexistence and nonexistence became a huge cauldron for material forms (every religious philophy is based on a chain - from nonexistence to existence). Question: where the forms of matter, forms of meaning in the emptiness are from? It is existence, which put the there, it transforms. The man put meanings to nonexistence and created his own world, own creation. Not as an imitation of existence, and not as an alternative, but in dialogue with existence.

The wastes of nonexistence settle in culture, in its traditions, in its forms. It prevents - the creation needs other forms, and nonexistence prevents - negates itselfthrough different forms, made by existence from it. The confrontation between existence and nonexistence - is a phenomenon of culture, when nonexistence as a substance opposes itself in topos of culture.

And the language is guilty for everything. Topos of culture is a language. Any phenomenon of culture, even a sign, symbol, image - it is all language. And it is a language of daily life not of existence. The language of man is created for comfort, as an appendage to daily life. Daily life is not a dialogue with existence it is living daily life. It is the creation of comfort for body. The language was born from feeling of that body comfort. It is created not to speak about existence, but to speak about daily life. It is a simulation of comfort for a soul in a comfort of daily life. Salt is salty - but what a comfort, softness and warmth.

What else would a man need? Dialogue with existence is always disturbance, always search of meanings, and the language of daily life sets mind at rest, lulls. It is not aa acting logos, demanding creative development - it is comfort. Greeks has seen the logos of existence and were glad, and started to reflex on that subject. But there was nothing to reflex except the language of daily life, and instead of the answer to the logos of existence, they got just the culture of expressing ideas on the matter.

To speak on the subject is not to experience, but to observe from aside. When we see an occurrence we don’t plunge into it, don’t feel wether it is possible to do smth. - we step aside and reflex on what it would be if we would have plunged into it. Reflexion on the actual experience and a simulative reflexion about an imaginary cause are two different things.

Reflexion gives birth to language. Reflexion was simulated and the language of daily life was born. An estrangement is translucent through the language of daily life. We move away from an occurrence and only then are able to reflex. The born language isolates from an occurrence. And then we want existence not to slip away. It dashes against the language of daily life, language, estranging the man from an occurrence. And is another aspect of nonexistence of man.

Here is the phenomenon of existence and the man stands in the distance and reflexes as though participates, estranges, creates the language to speak about phenomenon more comfortably. Nonexistence, veil is hidden in “as though”. And the man looks through the prism of language of daily life and everything becomes blurred, slips away in front of him. Now the chair is seen, now is not. And that all is because man applies it to comfort, always puts an utilitarian question - wether it is useful for a man or not. That is the specificity of the language of daily life - to rate the consumer abilities of existence.

Existence doesn’t allolow to consume itself, hides, slips away, and the man becomes angry. he was born into existence and it owes him to let experience a great number of occurrences. And existence has already done its work - has given life, and further joining is possible only through dialogue. Existence extends logos to man, and he strives to catch this logos, to grab and to pocket. Existence pulls back, man cries - existence slips away and instead of existence he sees nonexistence in an unfulfiled wish. And in which connection is existence to this? Man doesn’t care - since it pulls back, since it doesn’t give, since a wish remains unfulfiled, the existence has nonexistence in itself and turns nonexistence to man.

And then the man has created the language of daily life to his own comfort - called the phenomenons of existence essential for man, which he uses in daily life, i.e. the language of man exists for other purposes, for daily life, for comfort. And if existence doesn’t allow to use itself - then nonexistence, if it doesn’t answer the inquiry - once again, the demonstration of nonexistence. The man wants existence to tune its language to his daily life. He demands it to learn the human language, to tune its laws with the man, to take him into consideration.

Egocentric attitudes of man towards existence become apparent in interstices - in nonexistence. It is not the answer of existence, it is nonexistence of the man-consumer, getting full, taking food from existence. The limit of consumption is seen in nonexistence - consumption has insatiable emptiness in its basis. The man recognizes it as a nonexistence of existence.

The man speaks about an event, an idea and conjectures, but he can’t plainly say what is going on. There is no possibility - he can not see, he is shut off by the language of daily life. The absense of possibility is a sign of nonexistence. The language of daily life is a culprit. It gives to nonexistence by inactivity. If the language of existence is action and event intelf, then the language of man, estranges from existence and an event is an emty talk. The comfort of useless talk reveals nonexistence. Nonexistence feeds on vainness of comfortable words.

When the man acts he is silent. And thus he gets in touch with existence. Silent language of daily life - is a first step towards the establishment of contact with existence. Talk at the moment of the event - is not a reflexion on the occasion. Here comes the birth of a new language, and consequently approach to existence. But not with the purpose to catch its tail and say:”that is how you look like, existence. Why slipped away?” but for dialogue.

To talk and to hear is a great event, happening phenomenon, a fact in a biography, when it happens at the moment of birth of the talk. Here is the new language. And it is not a consumer and it is needed not for a consumption of existence, i.e. the understanding of it, but for a dialogue with it, i.e. for a joint creative act. And here the understanding is born. And this is the event.

Existence has no sense in slipping away - the man doesn’t want to catch it. That’s how love is revealed. And we know it when we correlate our own existence with the existence of another man. It is clear, that consumer’s attitude towards another one lead to eluding. Existence - is another one. It is also personal, because existence, which slips from us is the existence of Another One, i.e. God.

Existence is not impersonal. It is personal - we always appeal to the existence of a person, existence of the Creator, meaning the existence of God. Existence is not spontaneous. Otherwise existyence of man would also be spontaneous and separated from man. And the only thing separate from man is daily life. We can separately take and touch its things. The man is isolated from himself and his daily life by language. But it is a problem of man. And it estranges him from existence, giving birth to nonexistence by this estrangement.

The existence of existence is another story. And that’s the story of God. And of the man, who started dialogue with Him, throwing the language of daily life and consumer abilities away, as well.

We started with the language and we finish with it. Existence and daily life rest on language, the process of speaking itself. The language of existence is an event,. the language of daily life - estrangement from the events. And it turns out that the problem of the comfort of daily life is a problem of nonexistence, because it is cionnected with the estrangement from the phenomenon of existence. Estrangement from existence is nonexistence. But guilty is the man himself, not the existence.

May, 2001
Author Unknown
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My world peace tree. I love you guys! If you believe theres peace, so it is.

All living beings have the same basic wish to be happy and avoid suffering, but very few people understand the real causes of happiness and suffering. We generally believe that external conditions such as food, friends, cars, and money are the real causes of happiness, and as a result we devote nearly all our time and energy to acquiring these. Superficially it seems that these things can make us happy, but if we look more deeply we shall see that they also bring us a lot of suffering and problems.
Happiness and suffering are opposites, so if something is a real cause of happiness it cannot give rise to suffering. If food, money, and so forth really are causes of happiness, they can never be causes of suffering; yet we know from our own experience that they often do cause suffering. For example, one of our main interests is food, but the food we eat is also the principal cause of most of our ill health and sickness. In the process of producing the things we feel will make us happy we have polluted our environment to such an extent that the very air we breathe and the water we drink now threaten our health and well-being. We love the freedom and independence a car can give us, but the cost in accidents and environmental destruction is enormous. We feel that money is essential for us to enjoy life, but the pursuit of money also causes immense problems and anxiety. Even our family and friends, with whom we enjoy so many happy moments, can also bring us a lot of worry and heartache.

In recent years our understanding and control of the exter- nal world have increased considerably, and as a result we have witnessed remarkable material progress; but there has not been a corresponding increase in human happiness. There is no less suffering in the world today, and there are no fewer problems. Indeed, it could be said that there are now more problems and greater unhappiness than ever before. This shows that the solution to our problems, and to those of society as a whole, does not lie in knowledge or control of the external world.

Why is this? Happiness and suffering are states of mind, and so their main causes cannot be found outside the mind. The real source of happiness is inner peace. If our mind is peaceful, we shall be happy all the time, regardless of external conditions, but if it is disturbed or troubled in any way, we shall never be happy, no matter how good our external con- ditions may be. External conditions can only make us happy if our mind is peaceful.

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What if you could easily discover what your level of consciousness was at this very moment? What if it was so simple to do, that you yourself could calibrate it and for free! What if you could also discover the consciousness level of all those people around you with the same ease? What if you could discern the TRUTH about what other people said or write by calibrating the intent of their words and sentences.


Evolutionary concepts are being introduced to us everyday but none has the potential that Dr. R. David Hawkins, M.D., Ph.D. has given to the people of Earth … which is to know your level of consciousness. He has scientifically researched and documented his findings in a 25 year study that discovered there are definable levels of consciousness on Earth ranging between 1 and 1000. 1 being the lowest level and barely alive with 1000 representing the Christ Consciousness. Only 1 person in the last 2000 years has calibrated at 1000, Jesus. Dr. Hawkins published this information in a book in 1995 called "POWER VS FORCE". His second book published in 2001 is called "THE EYE OF THE I" deals with CC's of 600-850, Read "POWER VS FORCE" first however, otherwise you will be lost in the second one. His third book published in early 2003, called simply "I" deals with CCs of 850-1000 and beyond (up to 50,000+ for Arch Angels).

Dr. David R. Hawkins is able to find this amazing information because everything in the universe radiates a specific frequency, or minute energy field, which remains in the field of consciousness permanently. Thus, every person or being whoever lived, and anything about them, including any event, thought, deed, feeling, or attitude, is recorded forever and can be retrieved at any time in the present or the future.

Dr. David Hawkins found that the Consciousness Calibrations (CC) corresponded to the classic levels of consciousness as described by the great minds such as Carl Jung (540). Furthermore he discovered that the CC of 200 was the fulcrum point at which the being has the opportunity to advance to higher states of consciousness utilizing love. If your CC is under 200 you are operating more from the survival mode of fear & anger.


The overall CC of the 6+ billion people of Earth prior to 9/11/01 was 207 with 78% of the World’s population under CC of 200. That terrorist event awakened the masses to unity like no other event has ever done.

The CC jumped 33 pts to 240 as a result of the 9/11/01 energy transformation and stayed there until February 2002 when it increased to 250. By March 2002 the Earth's population physically manifested consciousness calibration had increased to 300. By 12/31/02 the Earth's poplation had increased their physically manifested consciousness calibration to 350.

Interestingly enough during February and March 2002 the Sun was particularly active with Solar Flares and Coronal Mass Ejections. Could it be that there is a relationship between the Suns activity and the Consciousness on the Earth? Yes is the answer that comes to my mind.

The initial attack on Iraq initiated on March 19th 2003, triggered an increase in the CC of Earth's population from 350 to 375. By March 21st the CC had risen to 400. The Iraq conflict also triggered an increase in world wide consciousness due to the masses focusing on PEACE FOR ALL.

DISCLAIMER... the above calibrations are from me and have been pointed out to me many times that they are INACCURATE! In fact I have been told by others in contact with Dr. David R. Hawkins, that the Earth's population calibration today (7/24/04) is still at 207. I just do not believe that we are at that low level. In the world that I am experiencing, we are about to shift our consciousness to a higher level and experience the 4th and 5th dimensions. Bottom line is that you must check out these consciousness calibrations for yourself and NOT depend upon anyone else, particularly me!!


020 – Shame 030 – Guilt 050 – Apathy 075 – Grief
100 – Fear 125 – Desire 150 – Anger 175 – Pride
Above Levels operating in Survival Mode, Below Levels operating more from Love
200 – Courage 250 – Neutrality 310 – Willingness 350 – Acceptance
400 – Reason 500 – Love 540 – Joy 600 – Oneness
700 – 900 is Enlightenment
1000– Christ Consciousness 1100–1200 Highest 3rd Dimension 1300– 4th Dimension
1400– 5th Dimension 1500– 6th Dimension 1600– 7th Dimension 50000+ Arch Angels
Calibration Descriptions above 1000 have been determined by Bryce Jackson and not Dr. David R. Hawkins

Duality/Polarity begins to dissipate at the 500 level and completely merges into unity/oneness at 600. At 500 you are beginning to "FEEL" the merging of the polarities and by 600 you only know the "FEELING" of oneness. If you find yourself in the 400’s of REASON, you can "THINK" you understand oneness and polarities but you can only "FEEL" them occaisionally.

An example of the power of 600 and up is that if you are willing to be healed and you are in the presence of an entity that calibrates at least 600, you will be healed. A 500 still experiences the polarities but does not stay in them for very long as a dip into anger (150) is very uncomfortable for a 500.


There are two ways that you can access this information, using Kinesiology or Dowsing. Dr. David Hawkins suggests that the intention behind all questions must come from integrity and not be frivolous.


Dr. David Hawkins uses kinesiology techniques which have been scientifically proven to give accurate results. The Science of Kinesiology (Muscle Testing), has proven that the muscles of the body go weak for non-truths and goes strong for truths. You need two people with consciousness calibrations of 200 or more for accurate results (if you are reading this you most likely are 200+). The tester asks the question and tests the muscle of the subject for strength or weakness. You would state that you are asking about the Consciousness Calibrations that range from 1 to 1000. The question would be something like, "The consciousness calibration for subject is 200 or more?" If the muscle stays strong, then that means YES the subject’s CC is 200 or more. Then you would ask 300 or more? YES, 400 or more? NO This would mean that the CC is between 300 and 400. You would continue this process until you got an exact CC number for the subject in question.


The second technique, dowsing with a pendulum, can be done with just 1 person. A specialized chart which makes it easy to get the exact CC with 1 question is available. The question would be something like, "The consciousness calibration today for person A is what number?" The pendulum then will swing to whatever the correct CC is. After obtaining the CC number, it should always be verified, "The consciousness calibration today for person A is 500? The pendulum will swing to either YES or NO. If NO I then ask if the calibration is 499. It seems that many CC’s are 499 and not 500. This is because the 400’s are the realm of REASON (intellect and mind). For example Albert Einstein was 499. It has been most challenging for beings on Earth to transcend 499 prior the year 2002. This is because the mind/ego must be surrendered, thus allowing unconditional love to operate fully. LOVE/COMPASSION must be part of the life's experience higher CC’s of 500-1000.

Experience using the pendulum can be very rewarding. The more one uses it the more at ease you will be with the results. This process works because you are communicating with your higher self. The initial stages of this communication may result in some trial and error. Keep doing it, ask questions you don’t know the answers to but are able to verify. This will give you confidence that you are communicating properly.


The solution to all 3rd dimensional duality/polarity problems is to bring a higher consciousness to the situation. If you are in grief (75) or fear (100) you will raise your consciousness by becoming angry (150). If you are angry (150) and bring pride (175) to resolve your anger, you will raise your consciousness level. Ultimately at a CC of 600 there is only oneness and the duality/polarity merges together.

If you want to raise your consciousness, fill you life with only people, events, thoughts, vibrations that calibrate higher than where you are. Remember every thought has a measurable consciousness calibration that effects who you are. If you are a 250 and want to break into the 300’s you can’t do it being fearful (100), angry (150), proud (175), etc. Calibrate every book you read, every TV program you watch, every movie you go to see, every person that is in your life. These vibrations define who you are by the CC level you maintain.

Please note that filling your life with high CC's is different than positive thinking. Positive thinking is a polarity concept and does not enable a soul to rise above 499. Only Love, Joy and Compassion will enable a breakthrough into the 500's. The words you think and use also effect your CC's CLICK HERE for the CC's of everyday words you use.


January 6, 2002 in Westlake CA, my wife and I went to see Wayne Dyer presenting a seminar called, "THERE IS A SPIRITUAL SOLUTION TO EVERY PROBLEM". We had no idea what we were going to be exposed to, namely CONSCIOUSNESS CALIBRATIONS. Wayne has also published his latest book with the same name as his seminar. During this presentation he introduced us to Dr. Hawkins work and demonstrated the muscle testing technique with audience participation.

After that day, we determined the CC’s for most of the important things in our lives which have opened our eyes about how energy vibrations in our surroundings effect us. A must see is the movie "A BEAUTIFUL MIND" which calibrates to a 500 (LOVE). The intellect can only take you so far, then you must surrender it and experience LOVE.

CC is definitely a unique tool that allows us to go within to obtain information about our multidimensionality (500-1000) that is understandable to our intellect (1-499). This information presented here has a CC of 1000.

Closing with Love, Bryce and Lisa Jackson
P.S. CLICK here to increase your consciousness!


1. Consciousness Calibrations info for "POWER VS FORCE" book
2. Kinesiology Muscle Testing info ... CLICK HERE.
3. Dowsing Techniques info ... CLICK HERE.
5. Increase Your Consciousness... CLICK HERE.
6. CC of Words you use everyday... CLICK HERE.
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Consciousness Expansion Group
We are a group of people dedicated in expanding our consciousness through communications,
truth,growth,dreams,energy raising for healing and manifesting new and better ways of living. Come join us in NCN Groups; Consciousness Expansion.


Expansion of Consciousness
by Shawn Mikula,
The evolution and expansion of consciousness is inevitable. With the expansion of consciousness comes new ways of seeing reality. Everything changes. You see things that you never could of conceived of before. Old philosophies and religions suddenly appear naive and give way to a far more profound understanding. Most religions (including naive Christianity) and philosophies will not last long, simply because it's inevitable that a profound transformation in our consciousness, in our way of understanding and interacting with reality, is going to soon take place. It's inevitable because that's the direction that consciousness is headed.

Please read my section on The Singularity to find out more about what our future holds.

Consciousness is my game, in all of its forms and degrees of intensity, as well as its neural basis, modification, manipulation, and expansion. I observe my own experiences during altered states of consciousness as a psychologist or cognitive scientist would. I note how different modalities are effected and enhanced, how space and time are altered, and how our sense of 'self' is effected (assuming the ego is still intact). In sum, I note both qualitatively and semi-quantitatively how the myriad different dimensions of consciousness are transformed during altered states of consciousness. From my experience, I see there's unfathomable potential for the enhancement and extension of consciousness in all of its forms, and this is what my site is really aimed at ultimately communicating to the public, though its current appearance may belie a different aim or agenda.

Ordinary consciousness is simply too mundane and limiting. It's necessary to understand the neural basis of altered/heightened states of consciousness and to control the neural system so as to bring about these desired states of consciousness. Neuroscience is just reaching into the realm of expanded states of consciousness, though the future consequences of such are simply amazing, and are utterly beyond the imaginative capabilities of the vast majority of people.

How do we expand consciousness?
Mind Expanding/Altering Drugs are one way, though I think more effective and permanent ways will soon be devised in the future because of the negative side effects associated with these, including poor memory. Nootropics, also known as "Smart Drugs", such as piracetam, hydergine, and nicotine, can offset some of these negative effects, and in fact, will often potentiate the positive effects of mind expanding/altering drugs. Thus, with materials readily available to us today, we can engineer our trips and expand consciousness along many different dimensions.

In the long term, it's crucial to identify the particular brain activities and key areas of the brain that are being effected by mind altering/expanding drugs and that are responsible for expansion of consciousness (i.e., trancendent states of consciousness). Then, we will be in a position to modulate neural activity in these brain areas using safer and more controlled techniques. One such technique is Neural Systems Control. Another technique would involve brain-activity biofeedback (for example, EEG biofeedback, though current EEG is too crude a technique to be really useful for the purposes of expanding consciousness via brain-activity feedback).

What are these brain areas and what types of neural activity are responsible for expanded consciousness?
At this point, anything I say is speculative, and is best disclosed at a future time when more certainty is obtained. What seems certain at this point in time, however, is the involvement of cingulate and higher associational cortices (prefrontal and posterior parietal). Click HERE to learn more about brain organization.

Consciousness may be Expanded along Multiple Dimensions
Consciousness is a multi- dimensional phenomenon. There are many ways of expanding consciousness. The transcendent states achieved thru meditation, while important, are but one type of transcendent consciousness. Unfortunately, many people seem to be of the opinion that there exists only one type of transcendent consciousness, and that it can be reached thru meditation. However, this view is naive because it disregards the multi-dimensional aspects of consciousness, which may be expanded (or transcended) along many different dimensions to result in myriad different transcendent states of consciousness. The tendency to label such transcendent states as simply 'samadhi', 'nirvana', 'Buddha-consciousness', 'cosmic-consciousness', or 'satori' just reinforces the mistaken notion that there exists only one type of transcendent consciousness.

One of the main goals of this site is to educate others that there are multiple types of transcendent consciousness, not just those associated with the 'classic' mystical experience, and that these different types of consciousness will play a role in the evolution of our consciousness towards The Singularity, when our consciousness, at both the personal and species level, will transcend itself into something that is currently inconceivable.

What is it like to Experience Expanded Consciousness?
In the following, I describe some of the dimensions along which consciousness may be transformed and expanded. These effects will not necessarily be experienced simultaneously, and are to some extent dependent on the individual. The following list is not meant to be exhaustive by any means, but rather highlights a few of the many interesting effects experienced during states of expanded consciousness.

Time Dilation
We've all experienced time dilation to some extent during 'normal' states of consciousness. In general, time dilation occurs when thought processes speed up while memory is left intact (if memory is not intact, you sense something happened but you won't know what or how much subjective time has passed). It's interesting that time dilation occurs along a spectrum. Normally, we may feel like an hour of subjective time has passed after only five minutes of objective time. However, there does not seem to be a limit concerning how much we can potentially dilate subjective time, and some mind enhancing/altering drugs have the property of taking time dilation to the extreme. What seems like entire lifetimes can be experienced in a few minutes.

Imagine the sense of 'vastness' you experience when you gaze into the clear night sky. Now imagine that sense of vastness magnified a million-fold or more and you may begin to appreciate the type of expansion of perceptual spaces that occurs during this experience so that they become extremely vast, beyond anything 'normally' conceivable.

Body Expansion
The experience of one's 'body consciousness' extending outwards, usually far beyond one's immediate body. This particular mode of consciousness falls under the category of 'Cosmic Consciousness'. Normally, we have a 'body-consciousness', meaning we're conscious of our arms and legs, as our own and not somebody elses. 'Body Expansion' occurs when your 'body consciousness' extends beyond, usually far beyond, your immediate physical body. It's like your new body is your whole environment and that your 'old' body is simply a nexus or nodal point thru which your will exerts itself. Even during 'normal' consciousness, one can willfully enter into the proper mind-set for 'Body Expansion', though this may not work for everyone.

Ego-Death and the Experience of the 'Self'
The experience of the death of ones ego or 'self' can be frightening for some. I've experienced ego-death and near-death experiences many times (too many to count). Following ego-death, or the destruction of the individuals 'self', what remains is intense, non-reflective (or non-self-conscious) consciousness, the radiant 'Self' (presumably, this is the same 'Self' as revealed in ancient Eastern religious texts such as the Bhagavad-Gita and the Upanashads, the same as experienced during states of 'Cosmic Consciousness', and the same as experienced by religious mystics). This is why such experiences are invariably mystical and religious. Through the death of ones 'self' and unveiling of the 'Self', one soon learns to identify oneself completely with the 'Self' thereafter, even if the ego subsequently re-crystallizes (it re-crystallizes, but remains 'transparent' in the sense of being able to see through it).

This involves vivid consciousness of a strong, ubiquitous 'presence'.

Higher-Dimensional Spatial Thought

Normally, we construct space and it's limited to 3 spatial dimensions. However, this limitation can be transcended, and grants one, among other things, the ability to discern patterns and connections in perceptual and conceptual thought not visible during 'normal' consciousness.

This involves the experience of ecstasy and rapture far, far beyond what we're capable of experiencing normally. This experience has absolutely nothing to do with the 'ecstasy' experienced using the drug that goes by the same name, but rather involves an intensity and depth that far exceeds those produced by typical 'recreational' drugs.

Multi-Modal Integration

This experience involves integration across multiple modalities, such as visual, auditory, and proprioceptive, to yield new modalities that are greater than the sum of their parts.

I've half-jokingly called God-Mode an expanded state of consciousness that 'simultaneously' involves many of the above effects, including time dilation, body expansion, vastness, ecstasy, consciousness of the 'Self', and presence. There are many degrees and many types of 'Cosmic Consciousness'. God-Mode is perhaps the highest and most profound type of Cosmic Consciousness I've yet experienced.

What are your personal experiences with expanded states of consciousness?
I've elaborated upon some of my personal experiences HERE.

A few more thoughts on the nature of expanded consciousness
The universe, as we directly experience and understand it, is but a construct of the brain that enables us to navigate about and get what we want. It's not a true picture of reality. There are many ways of constructing and experiencing reality, and there are ways of perceiving things other than the 'normal' construct that the vast majority of mankind employs.

These different constructs depend on different modes of consciousness.

Space itself is but a mental construct. There are many ways to construct space other than the familiar Euclidean space most people experience.

Our perceptual constructs will soon give way to something far more profound, something currently inconceivable for the vast majority of humanity because they're all trapped in their little worlds, and they think it's reality, but it's not. We are the universe conscious of itself. Very soon, I think, consciousness is going to experience an abrupt change. Humanity has been confined for so long in an illusion. Individuality will give way to the experience of something common, that sort of underlies the individuality.

Our perceptual realities are only the dimly lit surface of a vast sea of consciousness. I'm not talking about the Jungian collective unconscious per se, but rather something which is indeed very conscious. However, the great majority of man has not experienced this directly because they are confined within their little, illusory perceptual shells which they think is somehow reflective of reality, but it isn't.

We (our conscious worlds) are but waves or ripples on the surface of something vast, the Self, a consciousness which underlies and encompasses all the little spheres of self-consciousness. This is why I think being self-centered is naive. We, as a species, are moving inexorably towards Self-centeredness.

If you directly experience the bigger picture, you'll see just how much of an illusion our 'normal' perceptual reality is. I make no claim to experiencing the full, true picture. However, I have experienced a much bigger picture, and know that's the direction that consciousness is heading, that that's in our future.

People are stuck in their little waves of individuality, they never look deep beneath the surface, and there's something vast there which I strongly suspect is common to all. It's something you have to directly experience because explanations and descriptions will be empty without the actual experience, though I'm not recommending that everybody attempt to experience it just yet. Nonetheless, it is where the future is headed.
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