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picture20 Apr 2007 @ 02:40, by Marie Southern

My name is Spiritseeker, a screen name I gave myself when I started using the internet. This name has played a very strong part in my life. I am a Chippewa indian which makes this name even more important. I have lived my life like a champion for the poor,neglected and abused but not as well as I could have. In 2004 I was diagnosed with breast cancer and had one chemo treatment. I read many articles about it on the net and found that chemo and radiation is a steady killer that will kill you faster then the cancer. After refusing more treatments I became healthy and stronger then I had been in a long time. Well this wasn't to be the end of my cancer. It showed up last august as bone cancer. I was told the cancer had traveled through my blood and caused this along with lung cancer. The next stop could be brain cancer but I'm hoping to beat it. Every month I have became stronger in my positive attitude that the cancer levels have lowered with each blood test I got. There isn't anything I did that should of done that. The will to live is still the best cure out there. I do take vitamin B17 which gives me alot of energy when I remember to take it. Outlawed by the FDA because they couldn't make money from it and chemo makes over 7 million a year. You can get it from the internet with Mexico or Canada. It does cost but its worth it to me these last few months. I do get the zometa for bone growth to heal the holes the cancer eats away at. I grew two inches from it which they said I would. A nice bonus I suppose but now my pants are too short. An numerologist said I was a WOUNDED HEALER by the number it got from my name. I knew my path was to be a healer in this life but didn't know how I could be when time was running out. Well I just might have more time then I thought.Everyone has cancer cells in their bodies, the amount is up to 45 for normal and anything above will mean cancer has mutated and is attacking normal cells and causing them to become cancerous. The lack of oxygen is what causes cells to do this. We need a way to increase the oxygen in the cells. Just taking in extra oxygen through a tank or deep breathing exercises isn't enough. There are ideas out there that can help prevent and cure cancer normally and without harsh chemicals. Chemo is nothing more then poison that kills cells in its path its not aware of which ones are cancerous or not. This form of so called healing causes other parts of your body to be attacked with this poison and wreck havac on your other organs. The most you can get is 8 sessions of treatment. One out of three patients die from chemo alone. It averages 5 years for chemo to kill a patient and 5 years for cancer left untreated. Where is the cure in this? Like oranges help prevent scurvy apricot seeds 7-9 daily will prevent cancer. But how do you get apricot seeds from a government agency that bans the packaging of apricot seeds? B17 has the vitamin that apricot seeds has its called latril. Clean water especially oxygenized water will clean out your body better and healthier then tap water. Most people know tap water is very dangerous to drink because of its chemicals. Chlorine in our water during a shower causes it to enter our pores when their open from the hot water. You can buy a filter for your showers and I recommend everyone do that. Food has added chemicals that also are cancer causing agents in them. Every year there are more people getting cancer. Make a wise decision and read all you can. So don't wait til cancer is found growing in you help prevent it now.I spent time thinking about what I'm about to tell you that I have come not to the answer but to the question. Its not how I got cancer but why I chose to have cancer. I believe we choose to get sick to a certain degree. During this last three years I've delved deep into my psyche in deciding do I want to die or live. Of course I want to live but to what degree of life will I live. Slowly declining in health, growing pain levels and not being able to clean myself,eat or walk. Would it be better I die quick so I don't live a long time in pain and my family won't have to take care of me and do the things for me that I can't do for myself. Bathe me,change my diapers maybe,hear me cry in pain. Now I may live longer but putting death just farther down the road and to start all over again with accepting it. Its time I stop sitting on the fence and really decide to die or really LIVE. Unless I do I won't be able to heal myself for long until I start to decline again. What we believe becomes our reality if done long enough and if we want it strong enough. Be careful what you wish for, you just might get it. I am retired now living on a disibility check which is a nice sum of money but I would rather work then have all this pain. I hope to come back here and give another good report of my progress. So until then keep on keeping on.




25 Apr 2007 @ 15:54 by jazzolog : With You
Let me just say, dear Marie, not a day goes by that I don't think of you, and wonder, and wish you the best. Thank you for keeping us in touch with what you're thinking. You're doing Great Good!


25 Apr 2007 @ 16:13 by a-d : Marie!, SwetHeart!
Soooo good to "hear" from you!.... been thinking of you... Didn't dare to get in touch....afraid to ask questions.... I know.... this is due to the fact that I have not had a chance to establish an eye to eye -as in a live- connection with you... (-which tends to make me a little braver...) though you are always in my sphere of Kindreds/SoulSisters.

Great report! I salute you for being on TOP of the crooks!!!.... "Stick to Life -and Life will stick to you" is an old Classic Truth. You have a lot of Wisdom, based on own personal experience, to share with Humanity. THANKS for sharing it here with us!
Tons of Hugs to You from me / : )  

25 Apr 2007 @ 17:10 by rayon : Dear Marie
So sad to read the clear concise words on your struggle. I found something here for you, in case it is not already familiar (in the UK here, could be a different search engine on the 'net). Some of the excerpts echo your own words. I have had a fairly difficult health struggle, and when I have suddenly hit a new level of well being, there have been so many, I become aware of the associated feelings within that level in all directions. Each level seems to change everything, if there was time to check it all out. Usually one is afforded a quick glance before getting on with the day's calling. What I am trying to say is that -

It is very difficult to imagine the way one should be for healing, before one gets there. When arrived, seems so simple, and you think why could I not see this before, that it is just this way and I am here, all that other stuff was unnecessary!
Going back to the link, they refer to a word which I know without any doubt is part of the cancer scenario in the types of people, the word is excitement. This is not a healthy word. Many people and their pet animals are led to believe that excitement is a form of Pure Joy and ultimate happiness. It is not, absolutely not. Pure Joy is a Peaceful Enveloping Haven, one does nothing to get here except - remove other stuff out of the way. Excitement is the major fallacy of our times much hyped on the media.

I notice this because I myself was exhorted to excitement as a child as a source of happiness, and I resolutely refused to budge, I absolutely refused to take part. I may have done half-heartedly glumly, playing birthday party musical chairs at 5 years old and finding myself always the one with no chair when the music stopped. I have always been concerned by those suffering quietly and tried to get some insight as to why, and unfortunately I have known several instances of friends etc with cancer. They all had some form of this excitement thing, perhaps left over as a habit of behaviour, especially wanting to please others (false bonhomie) in the short term, but actually this emotion does NOT RING TRUE in the psyche. And here lies the culprit, when the joy rings true the cells are transformed, but not by pretence by real. It is like trying to light a light bulb by waving the battery around in the air over it - there is no connection, not a natural one that would shimmer all through the aura say, fixing them cells. If they are given false joy (excitement) this obviously interacts with something that reacts with this, which could be an inherited previous programming which has run its time and now makes the cells go quite mad.

Forgive me for going on a bit, but I really truly believe that this one word may assist you to find that particular place in your emotions that needs to be overcome. Maybe it helps if you know that there are those, even far away, who are with you on your difficult journey.

Accepting and allowing others' help if your family can do that, is a service too this could even bring some true joy if you wished, making them happier too, just quietly. Taking this stance may make them comprehend excitement too, this could assist you in your effort. It might result in tears, but they perhaps happy silent tears. from Nicola

The link for you:

Lots of love.  

25 Apr 2007 @ 18:48 by celestial : Hi Marie,
I'm so glad to see you back and posting.
I truly missed seeing you around here.

"Death and life are in the power of the tongue..." Proverbs 18:21
In other words, what you speak and how you say it will decide your course...that goes for everyone!
With all my love.  

25 Apr 2007 @ 19:52 by a-d : Nraye,
I love your ponderings about the destructiveness of 'Excitement' vs 'JOY'!
( The feeling of) JOY is the eternal wellspring of fresh bubbling
G(o)od Feelings from within the very core of our own BOTTOMLESS ONEnes with (the rest of) the Universe.

Appr. a week ago, I had this -what I in the morning -described as Dream-vision; a Cosmic Being (whom I did not seem but whose presence I felt, talking to me, sharing his/her Wisdom with me.
The thing a remembered in the morning most vividly was what I was told about JOY! It's like the water in Infinite Well and it is at the very bottom of our very center and in the other end of this "Energy tube" is in the Heavens, far higher, above the (Classic symbolic) Mountain of Prejudice, Excuses & Justifications ( when not accepting to act on our own response-ability, nor accountability for our own actions/ behaviour; which is to say: not-wanting-to- live-our-Truth).
All these are overcome when we have arrived to this spot higher than the Proverbial Mountain, and we now know and totally embrace our ability to discern and judge, thus embrace our ability to use "Yes"/ "no" -as needed in each instance to stay our God-Course, because "up here" we access our own God-Self as we apply our Innermost truth with the help of Yes/No.
Whenever we do this, that valve in Our Bedrock Foundation is opened up and the Water of JOY bubbles up un-hindered!

We have all at one point or the other had a little taste of this phenomenon and that is enough for us to ask Life to restore our entire being/ness back to that purity! ( yet... yesterday, I could for my life not stay un-wavered in this Joy-feeling, but fell into "Bad Mood" several times during the course of the day!... But at least my understanding for this process grew so much stronger that night!
It totally fits in with what you, nraye said in your comment here above!
I pray we all now can stay in this center/edness of ours much more readily & easily!  

25 Apr 2007 @ 20:21 by a-d : Marie,
ever heard about the Bogg's Center in Detroit? Check my latest!... just in case... ; ) might find Kindred Spirits there!... Who knows! : ) /Loveyah! /a-d

Uuuuuhhh, I just found this and thought it might be good to have around , so I "secure" it's existence by posting it here, aye?  

26 Apr 2007 @ 08:03 by ashanti : Marie
Love you, wounded healer. There are many in the world. Credo Mutwa in South Africa is one too. Love you. (HUG)

- ashanti  

26 Apr 2007 @ 11:24 by rayon : PS: to put it Better
For You, to explain my last comment about accepting the help of others:

The Art of Giving of Gifts includes being able to Receive any such gifts - if your family would like to help you, this is a lovely gift from them, there is no harm I hope in receiving this lovely gift and allowing a contentment within to arise from the accepting here.

A-d's comments following on from mine above, are really nice to see and put so well

Put Better
Put so well

- are these not lovely phrases just falling onto the screen by accident!! for you, Marie.  

26 Apr 2007 @ 14:26 by jerryvest : Thanks for keeping us posted, Marie.
You are certainly a strong human being and am so sorry that you have to endure the pain that comes with diseases, especially cancer. Like all of the others who love you very much, I think of you often and continue to send you waves of love and nourishment.

Take Care Marie...


20 May 2007 @ 04:52 by Marisela Palomo @ : Latril
Hello Marie, I am coming to you for a bit of help. My father died of cancer and at that time I happen to meet a wonderful older lady who had told me about Latril. She told me that she had purchased the latril in mexico but it was administered to him in Chicago. I do know thru her that his life was longer and in better health until he finally passed 5 years later. A few days had passed and she had brought me some nuts, apricot nuts to be exact. She told me to eat one daily and it would only kill the cell that may have cancer. She was also told by a doctor in Chicago that Cancer is genetic. I did go thru the bag of nuts and am not able to find where to purchase them. Do you know if I can dry the pits out to create the nut and if so how. If you do not know can you ittell me If I can buy the B17 at a health food store and how much do I take (I do not have cancer but Im not going to wait idle to get it) She had also told me that there is a Cancer Clinic in Chihuhua Mexico that will prescibe you latril and administer.
I will keep you in my prayers,

1 Jul 2007 @ 15:01 by sprtskr : Marisela and everyone
I get mine over the internet from Mexico and you can go through Canada too. I don't know how to do the apricot pits. Good luck and go to the above link from nraye above, I found it very helpful.Thank you all for your love and concern. My cancer level went way down but now is picking up again because my estrogen level was getting higher. Estrogen will feed cancer so its important to lower the level, women who are menopausal has a better chance with this problem.  

14 Oct 2007 @ 22:40 by Rufino Baez @ : cancer
email me what to do when someone kidney and liver are destroyed by chemotherapy and surgery and hook up to a machine to keepl living.thanks.  

13 Jan 2009 @ 09:05 by Sweet Dreamer @ : Wounded Healer

Look into wholistic healing.

If you are a healer then you understand the chakra system of the body and that Devine Love, or rather "God" is truly the healer. It is not us that heals but the God force. We channel it or are instrumental in completeing the healing circuit so don't place too much importance on this role in the healing.

Your destiny is not to be a healer so much as to become aware or enlightened on a deep and profoundly spiritual level.

With God ALL things are possible - healers are merely aligned spiritually and mentally to this Devine Energy (or rather "Love" "God" "Chi" etc.) and, in this state of enlightment, are able to chanel this energy easily during the manifestation of a healing; healers may harness but may never own the Devine Love (God) but become attuned, or at 'One', with it.

Meditate if you do not call it prayer on the Higher Power and the positive heavanly energies but DO NOT instruct it. Sucumb to it it. Totally. You need no knowledge in this realm. All you need is perfect love.

We should meditate on how small we are compared to this God force and this humbles us into the resonating on the right frequency for healing - whether recieving or giving.

If we are healed - praise God or the Devine Love because it is not us but this vibration within us to whom true credit should be given.

Bless you and I send you love and light.  

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