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picture25 Sep 2006 @ 09:33, by Marie Southern

Hi everyone, I've just been living life like everyone else. Life through me another curve ball this year. Got bone cancer in my spine causing alot of pain. I've been doing radiation treatments every day and will do chemo orally afterwards. I also put in for disability at work and waiting to hear back from them. The only thing I wish for is to live out my life with a new view of how precious life is. Family and friends have joined me in doing more things and spending time together.Simple things like dinners,bbq's and picnics. We've even joined a couple of groups of rpg sites,we can be Mages,Vampires,Promethians,Werewolves or just mortals.It gets me out of my worried thoughts for awhile and thats good.The only thing I can say about all this is don't keep making excuses why you can't stop your busy life and enjoy some good times the way you want to. My friends and I just had a good evening together playing poker and having a few drinks. Next time we are going to a casino which I never have been to. My son suggested I go to Hawaii which I have always wanted to but may never be affordable but you know what, the family and friends get togethers are better.Live,love and laugh whatever more could you want.




25 Sep 2006 @ 11:45 by jmarc : welcome back.
Nice specs. We've lost a couple members lately and was just wondering about you. Glad to see you around. Aloha.  

25 Sep 2006 @ 16:50 by jerryvest : It's good hearing from you, Marie...
sorry to learn of your painful experience with cancer and hope all goes well for you now. Do take care, Jerry  

25 Sep 2006 @ 18:19 by jobrown : Marie!
You must have felt my ponderings 'bout you! Synchronisity/Telepathy -or whatever we call it; it WORKS!!! Good to see yuahhh again!
ALL 'Cancer' really is a low-level ( as dwelling-under-the-surface-for-a -long- time-) INFECTION! In other words: the healthier/cleaner and stronger we get our own Immunesystem again; we can recover completely just fine from any'cancer'.Healthy/strong Immune system is the key to good health overall!
Go Sis, go! ENJOY Life; that IS the BEST Life -and Immune System- booster!
Lots of Love to u!/A-d  

26 Sep 2006 @ 08:48 by jazzolog : Prayers With You, Dear Friend
Not sure about Blue's "low-level" analysis there, but I do feel the Big C can get pretty deep-level. Thank you for the update...and keep after that disability claim. Always appeal an unfavorable decision!  

26 Sep 2006 @ 22:47 by hgoodgame : Welcome back Marie :) :)
I've posted an article that may interest you, dealing with suffering. I know you've certainly been thru your share..

Thank goodness for friends, without them where would we be?  

27 Sep 2006 @ 05:01 by jobrown : Jazzo,
I don't know WHAT exactly you are trying to make a wise-crack about here... ; )

If you've been in the Medical field (MD or RN and certainly in Canada & Europe), you would be familiar with the expression "low-level infection" -and most of us humans have some aquaintance with the phenomenon, mostly in sinusitis infections, that are not aggressive enough to "drive" us right away to the Doctors Office to get some more serious -Prescription- Drugs/Antibiotics rather than the Over The Counter 'Tylenol-Sinus'; our "classic" "Home-medication".

When working at the X-Ray Office in Uppsala Doctors Clinic ( a building with daytime -Private- Dr's Officies) serving the other doctors with (X-ray- Diaognostics), we had a guy coming in several times over a period of a few months, because his low level sinusitis "just wouldn't clear up" completely, but kept returning in a week or two (almost) as soon as he stopped the Over The Counter-medication. Eventually my Dr started to suspect something more serious going on besides the low-level sinusitis, which at this point my Dr. saw as an Indication of ( this) "something else there". All we now needed was to do find out what the real -and where in him- the real "bandit" was hiding -besides a broken down Immune System. In less than an hour we found the most tell-tale signs for Leukemia ( a 'Blood Cancer' )...( it took one X-Ray of his Spleen; enlarged! and a count of Bloodcells -especially the white ones; the Leucocytes; in the hundreds of thousands as opposite to 6 thousand to 12 thousand -at the MOST- for a "Normal" infection. He was sent from our Office straight to Uppsala Regional Hospital ( at that time -1973- the most advanced ( Ed & Research Hosp in Eu ) for further testing and beginning the Cancer Treatment; ChemoTherapy, which indeed is "nothing" but EXTREAMLY STRONG Antibiotics!
This 'case' is just one example of how persistent low-level(" just below the surface" of well being-) infections many times can be PART of /indicates a much bigger problem, that still is totally un-detected -deep as it is! ( Your point is well taken -though not by the Medical Field. When it is "deep-level" it is called "Aggressive" -no matter how 'deep' it is! Go figure! It IS usually this "low-level" infection that eventually makes the Patient to go the Dr, but not right away!... But it certainly isn't the "Culprit Illnes" that demands the patient to the Dr. in the beginning...  

9 Oct 2006 @ 09:51 by jazzolog : Thanx Blueboy
I get it now. "Low level" in the sense of "layin' low"...or always there but hiding. Like a low level static or something that's there and you can notice it if you look or listen hard, but otherwise you just get used to it. Yeah that can be cancer, all right. Keep us informed, Marie, of how things are going.  

10 Oct 2006 @ 20:14 by sprtskr : thanks
I got to view all my cancer papers especially the ones they filled out for my work so I can get disability. On the papers it states that I'm terminal since 2004 when I first was diagnosed with breast cancer. Now I have bone cancer and cysts on my ovaries soon I get a ct scan on my lungs because its getting harder to breath and get air. Because my cancer has metasisis all over my body Im really only getting pallitive care thats for dieing patients to ease their pain. Facing this is hard but I'm doing it the best I can by being positive and taking care of the things that I need to take care of. I have less then two years if its in my lungs maybe alot less. I still advecate against chemo and radiation but the radiation did take alot of pain away but not the cancer. Thanks all for caring but please read more on what you can do about cancer the natural way but getting your ph level checked and see if your too alkalined or acidity and correct it and your health will return. Stay away from fast food and foods stripped of their nutrients buy garden fresh and organic.Above all investigate natural healings. LOve to you all!  

23 Feb 2007 @ 10:03 by Susan @ : sorry about your cancer
Im sure cancer can be beaten we are only down when we give up, I would head straight out the door with my aches an growlng intestines for more feel good remedys, never give up, why I dont know Im not sure of any thing just what Ive read and well i have no known illness like this one yet I might add, I think the impuritys are dulling the body so it takes you down with it, while there is no perfect science until it is reserched processed so much of our machine is fixed when the mechanic fixes the thing to get us seated with out a lymp so when your down with a lymp is it the answer just live for today god knows the rest, I can remeber the things that kept the blood pumping and the feeling I had this fluid to rush through a cleansing, maybe the cancer will sit back and try for the SAT. and like most of us aware of our failure to sucesses some time we look to closely. Just plian biotin sold in the pharmacys to is so cool a supliment I would start there if I got the illness and I woould get into seaweed, potasium maybe iron seems good fight for me, this is honestly what I would do and also chech at the health food store for something that others are using to help fight and stayin alive, so claimed. I hope this finds you well.  

29 Jan 2015 @ 08:46 by Vannia @ : zeYANVJFfXuNMLIsyv
cheer2012 / David, i actually have Crohn’s Disease. i’m 17 and have had it for 2 years. i have a reacmide infusion every other month and it sucks cuz i gotta sit there for 2 hours while it goes into my system plus i HATE needles so its like adding insult to injury for me. i don’t know if your sis has to have an infusion but i found that midol actually helps the inflamation go down a lot, and it might help her. also if i eat spicy food it irritates my stomach so i dont eat anything spicy, i dont like spicy food anyways but i do like somewhat mildly spicy but i find that even the smallest of spicyness hurts and can cause an attack. the pain gets pretty bad that i have to miss school sometimes. a lotta people think i fake it when i get these attacks. there are different types of ways Crohn’s can affect. there are the “can’t go often type” and there is the normal of “going often type”. So on a nicer image i think its so cool that ur being a concerened bro to ur sis, i can tell u love ur fam. u and ur fam will be in my prayers more often than u have. u r an inspiration to me, i’m hard-of-hearing and i love ur music and hope there is another album on the way cuz i would like some more music to memorize how to sign!! i hope that there r more tours soon:D  

29 Jan 2015 @ 14:00 by Diesta @ : cWArdjmpuEYGh
archanimal92 / Hey David! It's great hearing from you again! :DSorry to hear that your sisetr has Crohn's Disease. I'm 19 and was diagnosed with Crohn's about 2 years ago. The good news about it though, is that its completely manageable and there are many ways to avoid flare-ups. For me, I find if I avoid eating dairy and wheat it alleviates the pain. Make sure she stays away from seeds, or foods with a a leafy or thick skin, like tomatoes, blueberries, or stuff like that. Fruit smoothies, soup put in a blender, even salad has been put in a blender sometimes! haha I've been trying a few different medications, Pentasa, Prednisone etc although none have seemed to work and the doctor prescribed me to start taking Remicade infusions. I'll probably go to a naturopathic doctor first before starting those, just to see what other options I may have. It really depends on how severe her case is, in my case it was mild so I'm able to cope with it.For me, I think anxiety played a part in it as well, although the doctors will never tell you that! Every time I got anxious about something I'd start feeling pain, and it would ususally die down once the anxiety went away.But all in all, Crohn's won't be an issue if its handled properly. As someone mentioned before, Casey Abrams has colitis (which is similar to Crohn's) and he's doing pretty well! All the best to your sisetr, and be sure to let her know that we're all praying for her, as well as for you, and the family! God Bless! :)  

30 Jan 2015 @ 07:13 by Babacar @ : YTSwkiSYgoMKmA
Cancer and health isesus are slowly degrading our societies well being and we can help in preventing it . You can now become part of something bigger. At PoGosh we work hard at using social networking to achieve what private health care corporation cannot. Humanity has only one direction in which it is moving and that is to further freedom not just in our governmental controls but also with respect to our minds and collective knowledge. Our ability and humans to work together in an attempt to advance our collective abilities is nothing short of amazing. The movement has begun and we will not falter. You can stand at the sidelines and watch as the world passes or become a participating member  

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