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picture8 Mar 2005 @ 13:46, by Marie Southern

I read about A.C.E.A. and thought it very useful in helping us expand ourselves to the fifth dimension.

We come to you as:
“All Consciousness of Earth’s Ascension”
We are All Consciousness of Earth’s Ascension. We are the group consciousness of fifth dimensional Earth. We call ourselves ACEA because the combination of these four letters has the highest resonance. We represent the grounding of fifth dimensional Unity Consciousness upon third and fourth dimensional Earth.
We are always in search of another conscious member. We say “conscious” because EVERYONE on the planet has a fifth dimensional self and EVERY fifth dimensional being of earth is a member of ACEA. ACEA is not a club which one has to join. ACEA is a resonance, translated into a word, which represents the combined consciousness of fifth dimensional Earth. Upon the fifth dimension there is no other way.
All consciousnesses are joined in conscious communication at all times, much like you are now becoming joined with your cell phones and other communication devices. However, just as you are individuals, we too are individuals except that we do not need cell phones or any other mechanical devices to commune and communicate with each other.
Let us take you on a journey to the fifth dimensional Earth. Yes, we feel your confusion because some writings talk about the “forming fifth dimensional Earth”. But, of course, you know that it is the lower dimensions that are formed from the higher ones—not the other way around. Therefore, the fifth dimension has been in existence since before the existence of the third and fourth dimensions.
We are aware that you must continue with your day. We shall return when you are ready to communicate with us further.
Until then,
Greetings from ACEA

Read more at the link its very useful information.






9 Mar 2005 @ 18:33 by astrid : Dear Marie!
THANKS for these last two articles of yours. SO important!!!... WHO --really-- is our worst enemy; the ones who do nothing but plan "how" to entrap us -or we, ourselves --if we refuse to do what in our Heart of Hearts KNOW we need to do, yet don't!... or at least not seriously enough!...
The Cosmic Laws are always in place, working day and night. What we wish for others, we call upon ourselves -eventually!....wish evil to befall someone... and it will befall on us thousand fold - but only IF the "NicerOnes" call upon healing for ALL and WALK THEIR TALK!... - Divine justice....comes to this Planet/Society ONLY as much as we who care are willing to WORK our own corner! That's all we need to do. The rest Universe takes care of.... What's holding us back??? Should we ask our Teens, who refuse to clean their rooms?.... Are we, who are a little older guilty of same behaviour when it comes to our Earth Home?
To a high degree; Yes... Yet we all know ( or should know by now) :
For our Life to change , we have to change!  

10 Mar 2005 @ 00:39 by sprtskr : yes indeed Astrid
Not only physically cleaning but all aspects of ourselves could use a good cleaning.  

28 Mar 2005 @ 18:21 by freo7 : Thanks Marie and...I sure am glad!!
Because I never join a club or association that I do not ALREADY belong to! LOL

"Hello ACEA", I am very glad to be here!!

Freo`7 &

I LOVE and affirm your motto 2: "Unless we change, Nothing will change"  

28 Mar 2005 @ 21:38 by sprtskr : resonating
yes sometimes we do find people and articles that we can resonate with.  

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