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picture6 Mar 2005 @ 15:34, by Marie Southern

I think about this often especially when I'm about to throw something away but not in its proper place. Who is going to clean this Earth up? Do we really believe God will cleanse the Earth all alone? What as parents to do we do when a childs room is messy? We may help them sort through the mess but the main cleaning is usually left to the one who made it,or at least it should be. Most of the time while raising my children I did the work for them. But there comes a time where you get tired of doing it for them. They continue to do the same things when they think someone else will do it. What do they learn by this? They learn they can do anything and that its someone elses problem. We're not teaching them respect,cleanliness,co-operation,responsibilty and love. This goes far beyond just cleaning after themselves. It helps them form a higher understanding of the world and its care. Included in this is the care of the animals,plants and air. The cycle of life on its own is a very well orchestrated system. Break any part of that system and chaos occurs. We all know the terrible condition that this world is in,this is nothing new,but do we honestly do something about it. We can start by cleaning up after ourselves,conserving,protecting,replanting. A little at a time is a good start but it is a start. I've seen neighborhoods come together to clean up yards,houses and give their time to projects that are needed. We all have at least one bad habit,it takes determination to break those habits. There are some shows on tv that helps people re-organize and prioritize their way of living. Less spending on items they don't need or have room for. Organizing the items they do have and donating the items they don't need or have room for. But not only this, they are given ideas on how not to do this in the future by finding out reasons why they let this go on in the first place. So now we find by cleaning up after ourselves we also clean up and clean out the non-physical as well. A clean body and a clean mind, or what many of us have heard before, cleanliness is next to godliness.




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