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Showering: Is Your Health at Risk?

Peter McGarry

For the past decade, people have focused on the importance
of clean drinking water. Purified drinking water reduces or
eliminates chemicals found in normal tap water. However,
the body derives its need for water from alternative sources,
most notably while showering.

It is common practice in North America to shower on a
daily basis, sometimes more than once. Unfortunately, most
people are unaware that more chlorine is absorbed
through the skin during the average shower than by drinking
six to eight glasses of tap water. This may make one wonder,
how clean is shower water?

Are you a fan of hot showers?
Since the skin is porous, it is the body's way of excreting
toxins and regulating temperature, hot showers cause the
pores of the skin to dilate, allowing chlorine and other
free radicals to be rapidly absorbed. Chlorine is also
contained within the water vapor that enters the air as
steam, and which we breathe into our lungs as we shower.
Dr. Halina Brown, a professor of water chemistry at the
University of Pittsburgh, claims that the exposure to
vaporized chemicals in water supplied through showering,
bathing and inhalation is 100 times greater than through
drinking the water.

Furthermore, chlorine and other water contaminants reduce
the effectiveness of many shampoos, conditioners, lotions,
oils and skin creams, leaving your skin dry and unnourished.

Any contact the body has with water is cause for concern.
Swimming pools and hot tubs use chlorine to kill bacteria.
Little thought is given to the effect on the human body.
Chlorine is a highly toxic element, which has the ability
to denature protein. All living organisms are made up of
protein; thus any living organism that comes in contact
with sufficient quantities of chlorine is killed. After
swimming or showering you may notice that you have sore
eyes, sinus blockage, respiratory problems (such as
asthma), cracking skin (hands and feet), or dry hair and
an itchy scalp. You may also feel tired and your skin
might smell of chlorine for hours afterwards, even after

What is your health worth?
The May 2003 issue of Elle Magazine, featured a
showerhead that has a carbon filter that removes chlorine
as well as other toxic substances in our water like lead,
iron oxides and other sediments that leave dulling deposits
on the hair. If the showerhead removes the minerals that
cause this dulling effect, one might notice
an increase in shine and hydration. This is something you
may want to consider when comparing showerheads
and filters.

Here's to your health.

Peter McGarry is the editor of Magnetic Revolution's monthly newsletter. Our goal is to educate and create an awareness on everyday issues that concern our health. For a free newsletter please view, [link]

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Find out who is poisoning YOU!

Find out who is poisoning YOU!

DRINKING WATER ( 5 - 2001)

Are we being poisoned?
Yes we are being poisoned.
We are being poisoned by the lack of our government to protect us from being poisoned.
The people being poisoned want their governmental bodies to protect the uncontaminated areas of fresh drinking water as well as clean up and remove the sources of poisons from all drinking water.
The World is struggling to find fresh water. Here in the United States our government is letting the poisoning of our water continue. How much uncontaminated fresh drinking water is left? No one really knows. We have local, state, and federal governments that put the protection of drinking water on the bottom of their lists. The economics of profits and capital are more highly protected then our ability to have uncontaminated drinking water now and in the future.
In New York state the citizens are only able to stop the use of agricultural and landscape pesticides poisons, that are leaching into their drinking water, only after their water has actually become poisoned. Only then can a citizen demand that the poisoning end.
“Global consumption of water is doubling every 20 years, more than twice the rate of human population growth. According to the United Nations, more than one billion people already lack access to fresh drinking water. If current trends persist, by 2025 the demand for fresh water is expected to rise by 56 percent more than the amount of water that is currently available.”
In the United States factory farm feed lots are allowed to have earthen lagoons that hold animal excrement, which after flooding usually ends up in local waters.
Industries continue to release poisons into our water ways and aquifers with and without government permits.
The agricultural chemical industry continues to add poisons to the land, which will in time continue to poison our sources of fresh water.
Industries see water as a money cow of the future and are already buying up bottled water companies and wanting the privatization of public water supplies.
The industries that are making profits on the sale of poisons are intrinsically involved in the writing of federal, state and local laws that limit the ability of citizens to stop the poisoning of their drinking water sources.
Below are some links that can get you started on how our water is not being protected.
It is up to us to stop the loss of our fresh drinking water. Get educated, get involved.
U.S. Public Interest Research Group
Clean water and safe drinking water

Clean Water Network (CWN)
An alliance of more than 1,000 organizations that endorse the National Agenda for Clean Water, its platform paper.

Clean Water Network (CWN)
Clean Water Fact Sheets

Gary Null's Library
Dangers Of Chlorinated Water

The Environmental Magazine
America's Troubled Waters, Half of our drinking water still comes from rivers

The Environmental Magazine
(water) The Coming Age of Water Scarcity

Zero Waste America
promotes the recycling of all materials back into nature or the marketplace in a manner that protects human health and the environment.

Sierra Club's Clean Water Campaign
Chem Tell is an independent Information resource that is supported through donations. Donations can be made to Chem Tell and sent to;
Chem Tell, c/o Arthur Kaliski
P.O.Box 1513
Amagansett, NY 11930




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