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Let us not forget what it is and takes to be a woman. It takes strength of convictions and good wholesome choices. I'm proud to be a woman,not always was I. I believed it took being a man to accomplish goals in this world but not any more. It takes a whole person connecting to their feminine and masculine sides.MS

Feminine Wisdom Needed for Balanced World

by Dr. Kathryn Moravec Ph.D., RN
Interfaith Minister, Reiki Practitioner and Intuitive Counselor

Feminine Wisdom is nothing more than listening to our inner voice, be ye man or woman. The Goddess energy is very powerful now and it is time that we utilize this energy to improve our lives. Everyone (this includes men) is comprised of male and female energy and until balance is achieved, one side will dominate. Male energy is on the right side of our bodies and is represented by the sun. It is electric, active, and giving. Female energy is on our left side and is represented by the moon. It is magnetic, receptive, and creative. Concepts or ideas are conceived on the female side and brought to fruition - into the physical world - by our male side.

The Goddess energy has been suppressed on this planet for eons. Over time women have been treated as property, second class citizens and have been abused physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Gloria Stienman's push for equality of the sexes has propelled women forward in the work place, politically, and allowed for women to experience greater freedom in general but a disservice was also done. Some women who chose to stay home and raise their family felt inept because they were not contributing to society. Women burned bras, wore pants, became workaholics, all to prove that they were as worthy as men. In reality what happened is that many women embraced their male energy while suppressing their female energy.

Women used to outlive men by eight years because men had the "stressful jobs" but now we have almost caught up because stress-related disorders are on the rise for women. Wow, we really showed them didn't we? I have been watching the Goddess energy awaken and have found it very fascinating. "New age" and the secular world have begun to develop and facilitate classes, workshops, support groups all for women. Women over 40, women who have been abused, women who have an eating disorder, women who are indigent and the list goes on and on. I am not against the support that is being given, I just feel that we missed the bigger picture and I would call that picture Feminine Wisdom.

Feminine Wisdom is the allowing of the feminine energy to flow freely through our being and to be expressed in whatever manner it chooses. This means that men and women should be permitted to base decisions on intuition alone. Individuals who have jobs that require them to make quick decisions often go by what their "gut" tells them because sometimes you can not have all of the facts - they are using their intuition. I feel that intuition should be used and accepted in the workplace.

Feminine Wisdom to me also encompasses compassion, empathy and nurturing qualities. These are traits that men and women both share. Unfortunately our male energy has a way of making these qualities seem unimportant. Most work environments do not support the feminine energy, but the time has come for that to change. I believe that when we all embrace the Goddess within, our entire world will transform for the better. I know so many women and men who have embraced their feminine side and I admire each of them.

The world admired Princess Di and Mother Theresa - why? For the very qualities I listed above. They embodied their female side and allowed the energy to flow out of their male side to accomplish world work. People to this day toss flowers on memorials to Princess Di and shrines have been built, but this is not using wisdom. What should be done is the continuance of Di's and Mother Theresa's work with the poor, homeless and afflicted. Workshops and classes need to be directed to both men and women. People need to learn that embracing one's feminine side does not make one a wimp or weakling. Our feminine side is very strong - this is how the Goddess has been able to tolerate the neglect she has received for the last few centuries.

Our world requires change if it is going to survive. I am talking about the planet herself and also mankind. The destitute conditions of our planet and our intolerance of one another are sure signs that the time has arrived for each of use to embrace our Goddess within.

Kathryn Moravec is an Interfaith Minister with a Doctorate degree in Divinity, a Geriatric Certified Registered Nurse, Reiki Master, Intuitive Counselor and Author. She facilitates experiential workshops to assist others in finding their inner light. Topics cover; How to become more self-aware, Improve relationships, Transform Stress into positive energy, Reiki, and many others. Her book "Life's Little Lessons: A Guide Book To Get You Through", is a Compact Guide On Life and is available online or at your local bookstore. She also does individual and group counseling, teaching and Energy healing. Visit her webdisplay at [link]



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