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category picture1 Jun 2008 @ 13:55
While I await my fate I see and hear the worlds woes. My life depends on my every daily decisions. I can have a rather good day or a bad one depending on the pain and/or depression. I ask myself why go on why hope for better health when the world is going down the tubes.Its so much easier to hope for a speedy death then to imagine people getting together to just decide to do something about it. I have noted more people awakening to this blight. Actors,scientist,famous and non-famous people who aren't just sitting around whining,their out there doing what they can if only talking about changes. Well thats great really really great! Will we make a difference and soon? Will the year 2012 be the beginning of the end of this system of things and move toward a better future, or will it mark the total collapse of human existence? No ones coming to our rescue not even God, from the beginning the all knowing higher spiritual entity has allowed us to pursue our own endeavor. Making our own choices rather good or bad. It is the best way to teach isn't it? You can tell your children til your blue in the face the error of their ways by your own failings but not all will grasp the true meaning until they've gone through it themselves. Lead by example.Wow, now that was a great statement from long ago. But like everyone knows its easier to be bad then to keep trying to do the right thing in the face of so much hardships.What is the true evil here? That we have bad leaders, or that we have allowed bad leaders to reign supreme over us? When did some of us wake up if just a little? How long have we been asleep? Are we still connected to some invisible machine dictating our every move and thought? We as a whole could stand up and be heard like the Who in Horton Hears A Who.Not until the tiniest or last one speaks up can we truely be heard. Let us pray for strength and wisdom!  More >