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picture1 Mar 2005 @ 12:42
On the next page will be a page from the Urantia Book words of wisdom. No matter if you believe in Jesus or not these are words you can live by. Just like the bible there is good morals and teachings that can raise your heart and soul to new heights. Today these words are just as important as they were years ago. Every day I get a little message from the Urantia foundation and it often seems to be about something I need guidance or encouragement from.  More >

picture27 Feb 2005 @ 22:52
Showering: Is Your Health at Risk?

Peter McGarry

For the past decade, people have focused on the importance
of clean drinking water. Purified drinking water reduces or
eliminates chemicals found in normal tap water. However,
the body derives its need for water from alternative sources,
most notably while showering.

It is common practice in North America to shower on a
daily basis, sometimes more than once. Unfortunately, most
people are unaware that more chlorine is absorbed
through the skin during the average shower than by drinking
six to eight glasses of tap water. This may make one wonder,
how clean is shower water?

Are you a fan of hot showers?
Since the skin is porous, it is the body's way of excreting
toxins and regulating temperature, hot showers cause the
pores of the skin to dilate, allowing chlorine and other
free radicals to be rapidly absorbed. Chlorine is also
contained within the water vapor that enters the air as
steam, and which we breathe into our lungs as we shower.
Dr. Halina Brown, a professor of water chemistry at the
University of Pittsburgh, claims that the exposure to
vaporized chemicals in water supplied through showering,
bathing and inhalation is 100 times greater than through
drinking the water.

Furthermore, chlorine and other water contaminants reduce
the effectiveness of many shampoos, conditioners, lotions,
oils and skin creams, leaving your skin dry and unnourished.

Any contact the body has with water is cause for concern.
Swimming pools and hot tubs use chlorine to kill bacteria.
Little thought is given to the effect on the human body.
Chlorine is a highly toxic element, which has the ability
to denature protein. All living organisms are made up of
protein; thus any living organism that comes in contact
with sufficient quantities of chlorine is killed. After
swimming or showering you may notice that you have sore
eyes, sinus blockage, respiratory problems (such as
asthma), cracking skin (hands and feet), or dry hair and
an itchy scalp. You may also feel tired and your skin
might smell of chlorine for hours afterwards, even after

What is your health worth?
The May 2003 issue of Elle Magazine, featured a
showerhead that has a carbon filter that removes chlorine
as well as other toxic substances in our water like lead,
iron oxides and other sediments that leave dulling deposits
on the hair. If the showerhead removes the minerals that
cause this dulling effect, one might notice
an increase in shine and hydration. This is something you
may want to consider when comparing showerheads
and filters.

Here's to your health.

Peter McGarry is the editor of Magnetic Revolution's monthly newsletter. Our goal is to educate and create an awareness on everyday issues that concern our health. For a free newsletter please view, [link]

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Find out who is poisoning YOU!  More >

picture25 Feb 2005 @ 15:56
Let us not forget what it is and takes to be a woman. It takes strength of convictions and good wholesome choices. I'm proud to be a woman,not always was I. I believed it took being a man to accomplish goals in this world but not any more. It takes a whole person connecting to their feminine and masculine sides.MS

Feminine Wisdom Needed for Balanced World

by Dr. Kathryn Moravec Ph.D., RN
Interfaith Minister, Reiki Practitioner and Intuitive Counselor

Feminine Wisdom is nothing more than listening to our inner voice, be ye man or woman. The Goddess energy is very powerful now and it is time that we utilize this energy to improve our lives. Everyone (this includes men) is comprised of male and female energy and until balance is achieved, one side will dominate. Male energy is on the right side of our bodies and is represented by the sun. It is electric, active, and giving. Female energy is on our left side and is represented by the moon. It is magnetic, receptive, and creative. Concepts or ideas are conceived on the female side and brought to fruition - into the physical world - by our male side.

The Goddess energy has been suppressed on this planet for eons. Over time women have been treated as property, second class citizens and have been abused physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Gloria Stienman's push for equality of the sexes has propelled women forward in the work place, politically, and allowed for women to experience greater freedom in general but a disservice was also done. Some women who chose to stay home and raise their family felt inept because they were not contributing to society. Women burned bras, wore pants, became workaholics, all to prove that they were as worthy as men. In reality what happened is that many women embraced their male energy while suppressing their female energy.

Women used to outlive men by eight years because men had the "stressful jobs" but now we have almost caught up because stress-related disorders are on the rise for women. Wow, we really showed them didn't we? I have been watching the Goddess energy awaken and have found it very fascinating. "New age" and the secular world have begun to develop and facilitate classes, workshops, support groups all for women. Women over 40, women who have been abused, women who have an eating disorder, women who are indigent and the list goes on and on. I am not against the support that is being given, I just feel that we missed the bigger picture and I would call that picture Feminine Wisdom.

Feminine Wisdom is the allowing of the feminine energy to flow freely through our being and to be expressed in whatever manner it chooses. This means that men and women should be permitted to base decisions on intuition alone. Individuals who have jobs that require them to make quick decisions often go by what their "gut" tells them because sometimes you can not have all of the facts - they are using their intuition. I feel that intuition should be used and accepted in the workplace.

Feminine Wisdom to me also encompasses compassion, empathy and nurturing qualities. These are traits that men and women both share. Unfortunately our male energy has a way of making these qualities seem unimportant. Most work environments do not support the feminine energy, but the time has come for that to change. I believe that when we all embrace the Goddess within, our entire world will transform for the better. I know so many women and men who have embraced their feminine side and I admire each of them.

The world admired Princess Di and Mother Theresa - why? For the very qualities I listed above. They embodied their female side and allowed the energy to flow out of their male side to accomplish world work. People to this day toss flowers on memorials to Princess Di and shrines have been built, but this is not using wisdom. What should be done is the continuance of Di's and Mother Theresa's work with the poor, homeless and afflicted. Workshops and classes need to be directed to both men and women. People need to learn that embracing one's feminine side does not make one a wimp or weakling. Our feminine side is very strong - this is how the Goddess has been able to tolerate the neglect she has received for the last few centuries.

Our world requires change if it is going to survive. I am talking about the planet herself and also mankind. The destitute conditions of our planet and our intolerance of one another are sure signs that the time has arrived for each of use to embrace our Goddess within.

Kathryn Moravec is an Interfaith Minister with a Doctorate degree in Divinity, a Geriatric Certified Registered Nurse, Reiki Master, Intuitive Counselor and Author. She facilitates experiential workshops to assist others in finding their inner light. Topics cover; How to become more self-aware, Improve relationships, Transform Stress into positive energy, Reiki, and many others. Her book "Life's Little Lessons: A Guide Book To Get You Through", is a Compact Guide On Life and is available online or at your local bookstore. She also does individual and group counseling, teaching and Energy healing. Visit her webdisplay at [link]  More >

picture23 Feb 2005 @ 16:44
What happens to you when you take life too seriously or not serious enough? You become ill,physically,mentally,
emotionally and spiritually.So how do we get our lives on the right medium path? Below are some ideas I found on the internet, but some I came up with.

Take time out every day,a few minutes is all you need if thats all you have. Let yourself and others have some quality time together. Shut off the tv,sit comfortably,keep distractions out and really communicate. Ask questions to each other,ask them to elaborate on their answers. Feelings of each one is important,find out how their feeling about school,work,their projects, friends and family situations, etc.If you can take the whole family out to dinner,movie or just a drive once a week or a month depending on when you can get away. One hour a week isn't so much when you think about the importance of healing someone you love. Remember to tell them you love them,by talking,hugging and doing things together. For those who you can't see in person,send email or a real letter of love,encouragement and friendship. You just might get some of that right back!

Internet list:

Set goals and keep them but don’t be rigid. If you make a list of ten things to do in a day, be happy if you got the first three done.
Stand up for yourself when you know you are right. You never lose respect when you are willing to stand up for what you feel is right.
Never speak harsh words to those you love.
Volunteer your time to something you love or a cause you believe in.
Work at making and keeping your friends. Your work will be there waiting when you’re done playing.
You feel what you feel- happiness, sadness, anger. Don’t suppress them. Instead find a suitable outlet and vent them.
Never go to sleep angry.
Never eat when you are angry or upset.
Wear only comfortable clothes that you feel and look good in.
Be kind to animals and children.
Be sure to say I love you to all those you really do love.
Strive to be happy.  More >

picture22 Feb 2005 @ 16:06
I looked up ecology to find some helpful ideas to aiding the Earth. I learned I didn't know all that much about ecology. Starting with trees was a good start in learning how they developed and how they help us.
On the home page of is a link for testing your knowledge on ecology. I got 19 out of 30 correct a score lower then I would of thought.

The Quiet Evolution of Trees
by Eric McLamb
with special contributions from Dr. Jack C. Hall


Way before trees appeared on Earth, animals and other land plants were scattered among the land masses. And way before land plants came the land animals. How did it all happen, and where did they all come from?

They came from the oceans, where just a few billion years earlier the first
Trees evolved from the oceans in a string of plant evolution, but they did not just start growing on the shorelines. They evolved quietly millions of years after the first plants emerged from their aquatic origins. (UK Photo, Hampshire County Council)

animal life evolved followed by plants. So, you see, the occurrence of trees was quite full of twists and turns and came about quietly long after land plants had struggled to rise from the oceans. Yet, their existence is the essence of all life on the planet.

There was a time about 550 million years ago when life "exploded" on the planet. Animal life. Nearly all of the animal groups in existence today -- as well as many that no longer exist -- first appeared on Earth during this time. It was the Cambrian Period, and this time of tumultuous and colossal animal diversity is called the Cambrian Explosion.

Land plants evolved a little more quietly about 90 million years later, with trees evolving some 100 million years after the first land plants began to emerge from their oceanic origins. But neither animals nor plants could have evolved were it not for the protection and nurturing of the ocean.

According to the fossil record -- about 3.5 billion years ago -- the first preserved life are found in the form of bacteria. They appeared in the oceans after the surface (crust) began to cool and stabilize, the land masses began to take shape, and clouds formed to produce massive volumes of rainwater that created the seas. The atmosphere was much different than today and the surface was unprotected from the Sun. This period is known as the Pre-Cambrian, the time that immediately followed the formative, molten and gaseous stage of Earth as it and the rest of the solar system started to come together -- or coalesce.

The first plants on Earth were a form of blue-green algae which appeared and lived in the oceans about 3.4 billion years ago according to the fossil record, protected from the harmful high energy radiation of the Sun. In the oceans, these plants were able to grow and photosynthesize as this high energy radiation was absorbed by the water. Now, to be perfectly clear about it, the first true algae (the kingdom protoctista) ...some 470 million years ago, Earth would seem lifeless, inhospitable and very barren. For one thing, no trees -- no plants at all -- lived on the land! (NASA photo of Mars surface)

most likely made their first appearance about 2.4 billion years ago, but for sure by 1.8 billion years ago as the first acritarchs.

Although animals were the first life forms on Earth, it was plants that paved the way for land animals to evolve. Plants did this by simultaneously increasing the percentage of oxygen in the Earth's atmosphere and decreasing the percentage of carbon dioxide, a powerful greenhouse gas (Journal Science, August 2001).

Still, if you were to travel back about some 470 million years ago, Earth would seem lifeless, inhospitable and very barren. For one thing, no trees -- no plants at all -- lived on the land !

The first land plants made their appearance way before trees started driving their roots into the hard crust of Earth's surface, about 460 million years ago in the Ordovician period. Algae were the first land plants, moving from their aquatic origins to marshy and wet environments on land. It took consistent growth and diversification of land plants -- including the eventual evolution of trees -- to help break up the mostly iron-clad surface of the Earth.

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