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 How Much Does It Cost To Buy a Light Bulb in Bagdad?3 comments
picture22 Mar 2007 @ 03:48, by Ned Hamson

$56 billion - That's how much! Or at least that's how much the US alone has spent on Iraq "reconstruction" between 2004 and 2006.

There is no electricity, clean water, sewers, fuel, or safety 24/7 in Iraq but the FOB - Friends of Bush - companies have pocketed $56 billion and more than 3,000 brave men and women of our military have died.

How many died because the reconstruction did not show the Iraqi people that the US was bringing them peace, freedom, and prosperity.

$56 Billion and no light, no water, sewers, safety! $56 billion to enrich the Bush League businesses.

Smells like corruption, high crimes and misdemeanors to me - how about you?

How many Americans can't afford healthcare or insurance but we can give Bush Leaguers $56 billion?

I am not sure how much more saddened I can feel about the waste, the lies, and the smiling faces in Washington that don't seems to have the courage or honor to do anything about saving American lives, Iraqi lives or our collective future.

I am mad as can be and will not take it any more! Every day until we have fixed this mess, I am writing to our Senators and Representatives and asking them what does it cost to get you to do something about saving our nation and sending the Bush League to the showers!

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23 Apr 2007 @ 13:07 by vaxen : It's...
how the World Bank and International Banking, in General, works. You know that... Until people world wide wake up to the ruse being utilised by these scumbags they'll just keep on keeping on... murdering, raping, pillaging, destroying incessently. That's what they do. It isn't money... there is none. It's about slavery and business as usual.

First comes the "loan..." Then you're dead. Such a hoodwinked Goddamnmed pathetic world! Humans are supposedly the brightest creatures on this planet? Bullshit!  

23 Apr 2007 @ 18:19 by jerryvest : I feel as you on these issues,
Ned. Like you I contact our congressmen/women regularly and the "D's" always agree that we are wasting our money, our soldiers and our resources as a nation, yet they all continue to support the war. It will be interesting to see how they will support the war this week and I'm not at all hopeful that any of them will do the right thing.

"When will they ever learn...?"


20 Aug 2007 @ 16:32 by a-d : Quite interesting persectives here... "a small package" -as it were. Mort-Gage; death charge = debt that you can never pay back. Equals death.....after you slaved (yourself) to death in & with your own Blood,Sweat & Tears -as the saying goes. Nothing new there.

We are still watching the Soap Opera staged by politicians on our COMMUNITY -Stage. We still GO ALONG by PARTICIPATING the WAY WE ARE TOLD to do!.... so that -guaranteed- NOTHING WILL (EVER -as long as the rigged game rules are kept in place) will change!

Here's the remedy (once again) :"you need to break that mental block in your head which prevents you from treating authority figures in a disrespectful way. Once you've done that, the rest is cake. As soon as a majority are able to look a Priest or Mullah or Rabbi or Cop or President in the eye and tell them to f**k off and die, we'll put an end to the misery imposed on us by monotheism. All it takes is a little backbone and determination not to be ruled by fear any longer. In other words, BELIEVE IN YOURSELF, AND YOUR POWER TO CHANGE THE WORLD, instead of fooling yourself into thinking that we can all just get along, because we can't. Not when there are 1.5 billion people on this planet, in control of vast amounts of weapons of mass destruction, whose belief system is completely centered around lying, theft, rape, and genocide.
Either we disempower them now by getting politically active and by using aggressive in-your-face tactics which push them into the fringes of society, or they WILL disempower your right to choose, or your children's right to an unmolested brain, in the very near future. It's of the utmost importance that we act BEFORE Cognition altering technologies become a reality, because sticking our head in the sand and tolerating monotheistic ignorance for another generation may well be the last big mistake we ever make."

After all, remember: "From the Divine point of view, there is no Buddhism, no Christianity, no Islam; there is only Unity manifested in the multitude! "

ALMOST ALL "World-Religions" were a compilation of one Master(ful human's )ways of "doing Business" - NOT as "USUAL" I might add!... but quite the opposite!... and then his ways became the "Teachings-Of-The-Day"... In other words: here we had a guy who said FU to the ruling (class & their rigged) game and went their own way instead... not a destructive one, but the opposite; doing Things BETTER for ALL Life forms and THAT was their Forte`!
So the Question becomes: "When will WE ever learn...?!...) : )

[link] not really Light Bulbs here, but I bet pretty expensive shit anyway!... all things considered... (You might have to click on "Pollution" once inside the site. Once you find the "right" photos you know which ones I have in mind and what I'm talking about).
More expensive "light bulbs"

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