Ned Hamson's News from the Second Line: Only 89 more years to shop to celebrate the 1000 Year Crusade!    
 Only 89 more years to shop to celebrate the 1000 Year Crusade!1 comment
picture1 Aug 2006 @ 15:37, by Ned Hamson

Europe had it's 100 year war, the US had it's 70 year War Against the Evil Empire, and now with just 89 years to go for the "Christians" (and their allies) and the Muslims (and their allies) to celebrate their 1000 Year Crusade. You disagree?

Just think 100 or so years in the future, if there is one, and it's easy to see how future historians will see that these two side have been in an off and on struggle for 1000 years easy.

And now, since there are Muslims and Christians all over the globe, we have the potential for a real WWIII.

The real question is: How many times will the mass of people in both camps let their "leaders" con them into another era of senseless bloodletting as a means to keep them from noticing that their pockets and future are feeding those on top?

I for one, would like this to be the time when people finally wake up and see that the people we are trained to hate, fear, and kill are pretty much the same as us - people we should be one with rather than divided from each other.

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1 Aug 2006 @ 20:25 by jerryvest : I agree fully with your sentiments,
Ned. Would be great if these religious zealots would only awaken to the Truth about us, but they are blinded by the light. Hate, fear and killing is not the Way to Freedom and Enlightenment for sure.

best wishes,


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