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 The Illegals Debate: Divide and Conquer, 20060 comments
3 May 2006 @ 01:51, by Ned Hamson

I don't really need all that much space for this note.

Am I the only one who is not amused by so many who seem to find it so easy to blame economic hard times on people who risk their life and liberty to sneak into USA for work?

When did Jose and Maria get all this power to decide who hire for very low pay and no benefits in the USA? Was that on Fox News and I missed it?

Maybe they got that power around the same time that US manufacturers were forced by Chinese factory workers to move US jobs to China, or when Mumbai IT graduates forced US and UK service firms to outsource thousands of IT and customer service jobs to India. Yeah that must have been it.

After all US CEOs are just too busy to make important decisions like that while they are figuring out how to hollow out Enron, default on vested retirement plans -- things like that.

Divide and conquer? Set the declining class against the one below it, so you can pick everyone's pockets? Now who would do that?

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