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vaxen: Well...
it would appear that you have vanished back into the hinterlands so I thought I'd bring you back up to the surface, herre at NCN, for a little while. This message of yours is as timely today as when w..
Rebecca's Rules - someone has to be the big guy in Gaza
vaxen: Thanks Ned...
Gaza's Holocaust By Uri Avnery 1-4-9 Just after midnight, Aljazeera's Arabic channel was reporting on events in Gaza. Suddenly the camera was pointing upwards towards the dark sky. The screen ..
Rebecca's Rules - someone has to be the big guy in Gaza
a-d: would this :
"...Mental health problems are increasing and we need better ways of measuring and preventing them. In particular we need to know how mental health is related to the various emotions people feel when..
Is Work Making You Sick?
vaxen: Biogenesis
“It is a dark and stormy night. Meg Murry, her small brother Charles Wallace, and their mother are in the kitchen for a midnight snack when a most disturbing visitor arrives. ‘Wild ..
Food for Thought - Is your fish or shrimp going to give you long life or end it?
paretokid: Rat/Flea/Geese/Mice/..
Vaxen: Yes, the flea was the ultimate carrier and at the time, we did not realize that the over-abundance of rats and mice could be a road to a pandemic. By now - grin - we should know better but s..
Food for Thought - Is your fish or shrimp going to give you long life or end it?
vaxen: Good...
article. Of course exchange of goods doesn't have to be corrupt. But it is so the corruption must be kept within bounds and laws enforced but... paints a pretty picture. Foo..
Food for Thought - Is your fish or shrimp going to give you long life or end it?
jazzolog: I Grew Up On Lake Erie, Ned
well---Chautauqua Lake actually, which empties out of both ends~~~one way to Lake Erie, and the other eventually into the Ohio at Pittsburgh. But I remember the death of the Great Lake in the '60s---..
Deadly Fish Virus in Great Lakes... no threat to people or animals?
a-d: Quite interesting persectives here... "a small package" -as it were. Mort-Gage; death charge = debt that you can never pay back. Equals death.....after you slaved (yourself) to death in & with your own Blood,Sweat & Tears -as the s..
How Much Does It Cost To Buy a Light Bulb in Bagdad?
a-d: here are some suggestions
about GREENING our Cities.( and there's some 65-70 more links! : ) ))) ht..
Walk Away from Global Warming!
jerryvest: I feel as you on these issues,
Ned. Like you I contact our congressmen/women regularly and the "D's" always agree that we are wasting our money, our soldiers and our resources as a nation, yet they all continue to support the war. ..
How Much Does It Cost To Buy a Light Bulb in Bagdad?
vaxen: It's...
how the World Bank and International Banking, in General, works. You know that... Until people world wide wake up to the ruse being utilised by these scumbags they'll just keep on keeping on... murder..
How Much Does It Cost To Buy a Light Bulb in Bagdad?
vaxen: Heya Ned,
Good to hear from you again. Of course the biometrics is a scam. But if people will not wake up and participate in their own freedom, well, just what can you expect the tyrants on Capitol hill to do? ..
Jeb Bush Campaign to Look Good on Terror Begins
jerryvest: Right on, Ned. I'm happy to see
that your project is doing so well and hope all of the parts and other things come together for you and your partners. We have also gotten some used computers and donated them to many social service a..
Update on Mac Computers for Mayan Kids
jerryvest: I agree fully with your sentiments,
Ned. Would be great if these religious zealots would only awaken to the Truth about us, but they are blinded by the light. Hate, fear and killing is not the Way to Freedom and Enlightenment for sure. ..
Only 89 more years to shop to celebrate the 1000 Year Crusade!
jerryvest: Right on, Ned...a lie is lie no matter
who says it.
President's Bush and Mahmoud Ahmadinejad -- Darryl and Darryl Redux?
jmarc: The times they aren't a changin'
This is more than a recent phenomena. "there is no common soul to which the speaker can address himself. They are so cold that the orator never welds them into a mass. He may amuse them, but ..
Keyword Thinking, Speaking, Writing Revealed
jerryvest: Thanks, Ned. This is really a fantastic
global project that you have shared with us. I am going to pass this article on to my friend who is a Dean in our School of Education here at New Mexico State University. I also know that our Director..
The Mac Maya Project -- Computers for Guatemala School Kids
jmarc: I've missed the redwing blackbirds
this year. They're usually at my local fishing hole , and their shrill call sort of relaxes me. I usually take my canoe through a marshy area that's flooded till the end of may when it gets to boggy ..
Two Small Tragedies can lead to...
astrid: The Secret Life of Birds!....
Just the other day I reflected on these pages about the Secret Life of Plants. A very accurate reflection. And today, after your beautiful story about your Nature experiences I have to relfect over th..
Two Small Tragedies can lead to...
sprtskr: lovely story
Nature is so wonderful to watch. I went outside today but no birds about which made me feel rather lonely. I went inside instead and just a few minutes later a blue jay flew in and circled 3 times and..
Two Small Tragedies can lead to...
ming: Eggs
Hooray for new eggs and new hatchlings. Great to see you with a blog here, Ned! Its been a long time. Thanks for the couple of mails recently.
Two Small Tragedies can lead to...
jerryvest: Loss
I am sorry to hear that you have lost some friends. Like you, I lost 3 of my very best friends from diabetes several years ago. They did not take proper care of themselves and their partners were upse..
Change or...
sprtskr: hi
A very nice beginning in telling us about you and your thoughts. Its always refreshing to read about personal things. Welcome to NCN.
Change or...
gea: Hey there!
And welcome! :-)
Change or...
swanny: Hi Ned
Well sorry about your losses.... Honor dies hard.... as does many worthwhile things.... no not pride.... but integrity Integrity dies hard too.... and puts up a good fight but darn darn darn da..
Change or...

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