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 Cat hero fire fighter0 comments
category picture14 Mar 2006 @ 02:58
Sometimes... I wonder why I stay in Cincinnati. The town can be so small minded at times and this last week was a doozy.

There was a good feeling photo and story about a local fire fighter trying to save a cat - not - on a tin roof. The cat is hanging from gutter by one paw in photo and fire fighter is stretched out on roof trying to reach the cat. The cat - if you know cats, you will say "of course!" - avoided the fire fighter's efforts and leaped to safety on its own.

Should have been the end of the story, right? Then someone who says he is a "career" fire fighter writes a letter to the editor slamming the fire fighter's and his bosses' jugement - saying that he risked too much for too little.

That was/is the reason I wrote this reply letter to the editor and sent a copy to the fire fighter's chief.

"Firefighter Risks Too Much for Cat – Cincinnati Enquirer, March 11, 2006.

Thank goodness we have heroes in our community. Thank you, Firefighter Marvin Spears! I'd sleep much better at night knowing you were serving on my fire department.

Heroes such as Firefighter Spears, don’t wait for orders or OSHA Inspectors or figure their survival odds before acting on their impulse to help save a life.

They go charging up the stairwells of the Trade Towers on 9-11-2001, they pull someone from a burning vehicle even when they are scared themselves, they jump into rising waters to save someone from drowning, or care for someone beaten and bloody by the side of the road.

If you'd also like to lend some moral support to Marvin Spears, sent an e-mail to his chief Ned  More >

 Two Small Tragedies can lead to...4 comments
category picture17 Apr 2005 @ 21:00
The first tragedy -- A couple of weeks ago, we had a big rain that dumped nearly two inches in less than twelve hours. There were a number of traffic accidents, people were hurt and there were also a number of homes with flooded basements. All tragedies of a sort to those involved but not the one that effected me.

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