Gerald Vest: Beware of Psychiatric Medicine and Becoming a Patient for Life    
 Beware of Psychiatric Medicine and Becoming a Patient for Life1 comment
picture16 Jun 2016 @ 13:45, by Gerald Vest

Beware of Behavioral-Mental “Health”—Health comes from the Roots of Wholeness and represents the interaction, inter-dependency and relationship of All Systems working together as one. What Affects One Effects the Whole Being. Is True with Global Relationships and Individual Social Interaction as well.

Humanity is Uniquely Created as One Body-Mind-Spirit. Religions and their belief Systems are historically confused and in competition with one another, unaware of their Mission to serve everyone, as is our Congress and most governments. However, they are confused about their True Nature and appreciation for everyone, everything and Nature—everyone’s source of nourishment and evolution as Human Beings. We are One, Aware or Not!!!

Our Brain is the Engine-Organ-Instrument doing its business with our Mind….receives all the sensory and nervous system information in a language the Brain and Mind know. Does the Brain need a ‘tune up’ with fresh air filters, balanced energy systems and connected with Mother Earth with a full tank of nutrition, openness and space. Don’t accept “Chi Cha” (Oscar Ichazo)--Mind chattering about business, safety, fear, beliefs, judgment, safety and security, relationships of the past and planning for the future. Develop and maintain a healthy Self Care program that works all of Systems that develop INTEGRITY—Right Action becomes the Outcome. Be the Right Action, Here and Now!!!

Diagnosing, Judging, Coding, Labeling (Psychic Tattoo) and Drugging Endanger Humanity. Don’t become a Mental Patient for Life and party to the VA Shuffle.

How does Wellbutrin and other psychiatric Meds help balance and help us find our equilibrium and harmony--clearly, without distortion. Scientific studies show they contribute the opposite affects. Western Psychiatry-Psychology is in the business of analyzing, interpreting, judging, assessing and treating symptoms with cocktail meds. Their experiments on human beings don’t improve the quality of Life, Health, Interaction and Relationships…do the opposite.

You should check with your doctor and therapist immediately if any of these side effects occur when taking "Bupropion" and other psychiatric meds.

More common:

· Anxiety

· dry mouth

· hyperventilation

· irregular heartbeats

· irritability

· restlessness

· shaking

· shortness of breath

· trouble sleeping

These are the noted side effects of these chemicals as they block the circulation and flow of energy throughout the body, mind, emotions, spirit, senses and relationships.

See our recommendations for recovery, restoration and resilience on our website and a Professional, Individualized Self Care Plan [link] that works to recover and restore energy of all of our Systems. Know that what affects One system, affects All Systems. Our Vet Families are all recovering from many years at war, deployed for many tours, separating the relationships and any stability that secures them.

Do visit my website and visit our Link’s in my Bibliography and see Dr. Peter Bregen’s introduction to the psychiatric medicine being prescribed. [link].

Note: Pic is Eleanor Vest, my granddaughter born 5 days following my Partner's passing.

Gerald W. Vest, ACSW/LISW/LMT
Organization Leader with Injured Warriors and Families, Professor Emeritus New Mexico State University
Las Cruces, NM 88005

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16 Jul 2016 @ 08:17 by Johnson @ : Side Effects of Chemical
This was new inormation about the Side Effects  

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