Gerald Vest: Missing Leadership in America    
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picture20 Mar 2016 @ 11:59, by Gerald Vest

An Approaching Danger of Leadership in our Country


Gerald W. Vest, ACSW/LISW/LMT Professor Emeritus, NMSU; Organization Leader, Southern NM Injured Warrior Alliance and War Trauma Specialist

Perhaps we can discover a deeper meaning to the freedom and individualism that have inspired so much our success, and put them into practice within our own minds. If we could examine our present patterns of thought and action jeopardize the very qualities we most value, we might open our hearts and minds to a more comprehensive knowledge. (Tarthang Tulku, Knowledge of Freedom – Time to Change, p. 53.)

Taking care of Business and our Health every day is our way to provide for our self-preservation or meeting basic human need requirements…and, desires. Aside from this is an awareness that this activity is life support just like every creature on the planet must protect and secure itself. Seems our Instincts are covered over with thoughts, plans, ideas, fears, judgments and unfinished business in Life and Living. (And, taking psychiatric meds, blocks the natural flow of energy of the frontal lobe of the Brain where Reason and Right Action evolve. In Time-Self Lobotomy as introduced by Dr. Peter Breggin, leading psychiatrist disclosing their profession’s deadly cocktails). Doubt this comment, visit your local mental health, nursing homes, jails, prisons, schools, hospitals and VA.

Speaking of Basic Human Need Requirements for living—we are the only ones responsible for our Lives while awakening ourselves to our best possibilities—physically, mentally, emotionally and socially—we need everyone and everything inside and outside for maintaining a life as a Human Being. Returning to Nature as we Arrived…Innocent--Open, Accepting, Allowing, Experiencing everything in the present—All is New and All is Learning. We are making our Presentation in Nature along with our Pecan Trees, animals, insects and we feel very proud and able to take whatever we think we Need and the pleasure we experience at the Time (our Body and everything physical)…we have our Time as does this laptop allowing me to express myself in words and connect-interact with my brothers and sisters in my life. We Are One!!!

Am saying Happy 8 + 1 or 9 x 9=81 years on “Spaceship Earth” (B. Fuller) Currently, like most of us in America are experiencing, every day, throughout the day and night, on the Political News--Jokers Wild. I am witnessing what was historically identified or introduced as quality of Leadership-- Scholarship, Wisdom, Knowledge, Creative, Open, Honest, Respectful and Kind with others--guiding by example….in other words, we have few who can practice what they teach or preach in politics, religion and government—not honest, open, accepting, allowing and appreciating the opportunity to offer us the Best Possible Models for our next generations. NOT!!!

Wonder why we punish and put more humans in jail and prison than any other Modern Country? And, call this Christian? All about an “eye for an eye” mental condition…Fear of God, Sex, Sin and Death are the basis of our Justice System and essentially every social system, starting with the Family and see for ourselves how some of them manage on minimum wage with limited resources to offer them safety, love and security…especially when we have a political party called Red States Religion…they just don’t realize they are projecting their historical beliefs and tradition with the hatred for persons of color and especially our Blacks and Indians (Native-True Americans)

Not going to stop here as we are in an experience where we have no one at the Top we can Trust…Politicians are owned and controlled by the Corporations that make us their Slave. Everyone seems to be experiencing this disaster of Leadership in America in every System….all fail to serve Humanity and Nature—We are One!!!What affects One affects All, whether aware or not…”No Accidents in Nature, just Collisions of Energy.” (Oscar Ichazo)

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29 May 2016 @ 19:01 by vaxen @ : one...
all parts of one big pie in the sky Jerry san. i've read that 'we created the elites.' at present i must hold this view, as well, where all, so called, leaders, politicians, banksters, etc., ad nauseum, are concerned. they represent 'inner states' of consciousness... a field state of immense possibility.

great article. great human being. thanks jerry...  

31 May 2016 @ 02:01 by jerryvest : Thanks for your always truth-wisdom
as we share our experiences and Lives are such a great communicator and friend.  

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