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picture7 Mar 2016 @ 08:12, by Gerald Vest

Please visit my StressOut and Integrative-Holistic Health Forum and the dozen or more Discussion Groups...great for teachers, researchers and health practitioners to present to their clients, patients, vets, acitive duty and especially families who have had to suffer with the lack of health resources and a Recovery Self Care Plan for more than a decade. [link]

I have 940 messages in this Discussion Group on War Post Traumatic Stress (Injuries). For those doing research and investigating the psychiatric scamming and drugging of everyone they visit with, usually for less than 15 minutes in the Military, just long enough to identify several symptoms to match a dangerous chemical. Beware of Western Psychiatry, Psychology and the Clinical Professions who believe or promote themselves as "Health Professionals"- Not, unless making referrals to holistic and integrative pro's while providing intensive and extensive Health Services...most identified in this Group and on my Southern NM Injured Warrior Alliance.

We Welcome Home our Vets and their Families with meaningful work opportunities, integrative & holistic health services, support groups, and a natural healing environment to join.


Picture is Eleanor Vest, Son, Patrick and Annie brought into Life, 5 days following the loss of Louise M. Vest, my life companion and partner for over 50 years.

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