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 Organize Supportive Teams and Join with Us Serving Vets1 comment
picture3 Feb 2016 @ 21:39, by Gerald Vest

Dear Friends and Partners and Colleagues and Brothers and Sisters,

Seems we all know we are in a downturn of our society observing the politicians of our Country showing off and telling us what they will do for us if elected. We know they are in this theater for their own benefit and have only created great dangers for Humanity One. We spend 57 cents of every Tax $ to provide for the Pentagon to continue our Wars that never end...we are looking for Action as our society is just a Buyer Beware Economy and with short lived pleasures. Everyone is suffering with the exception of those who learn to find Teamwork with balance, harmony and equilibrium of our Mind.

I have just formed a team with some injured warriors and with Dr. Alton Kantor in Hawaii who served as a guest presenter in Integrative Health, Acupuncture, Meditation and Tai Chi during my tenure with NMSU School of Social Work, as some of you know. I want to encourage all of you leaders to form a team and contribute to improving the quality of life, health and relationships of our Society....Am introducing a short article about my feelings and experiences with teamwork. Hard to believe that our Health Promotion Teams gave over 10,000 StressOuts at NMSU and contributed to Diabetic Research Projects that became the "Best Practice" by American Diabetes Association for Past Decade. I also appreciate that over 165,000 participants viewed my website this past year, from over 25 countries, introducing our Mission. [link]

Teams are powerful and it is timely to identify at least 3 close partners who wish to bring healthy energy to our Communities for Change....most persons, couples and families are suffering with pain, separation, loss, fear, safety and security. Our Culture of Guns and Violence is increasing daily....Time to Change and form a Team to especially serve our Returning Warriors, Vets and their Families. They are being used, abused and neglected....come on, join and Help us develop Health Services by organizing and designing a Team that Works for you and our Returning Warriors and Vets from other Wars, primarily given "the cocktail drugs and shaft."

Would love to introduce our "Teamwork, Cooperation and Interaction Program" that we learned from Oscar Ichazo. When you have 3 or more interested team members or wish to join an existing Team let me know. Let's do The Work, Be the Work and Pass the Work!!! [link]

Best wishes, my friends,
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Southern NM Injured Warrior Alliance

We Welcome Home our Vets and their Families with meaningful work opportunities, integrative & holistic health services, support groups, and an environment…

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1 comment

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Time to Change and form a Team to especially serve our Returning Warriors, Vets and their Families.  

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