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picture11 Jan 2016 @ 17:09, by Gerald Vest

Learning to Discover and Follow our Thoughts to Completion to Develop Awareness

by Gerald W. Vest, ACSW, LISW, LMT and Professor Emeritus

"On the surface of experience, thoughts come and go quickly, even instantaneously. One event succeeds another, one reaction follows the next in a powerful momentum that structures linear time. Let yourself become aware of this dynamic and the rhythm that supports it. Gradually introduce a different rhythm: As a single feeling or emotion or thought arises, enter into it and abide there--as though you would be ready to live your life right within that experience." Tarthang Tulku, Dynamics of Time and Space-Transcending Limits on Knowledge,, p.262.

Following a thought is such a good meditation experience to play and entertain ourselves when the other media-news, sports, games, etc, and other activities are no longer attractive. So I am learning to observe these thoughts that keep me tuned in to ‘their’ message, while another arrives and doesn’t want to leave or won’t depart until recognized. These thoughts continue to return until we attend or pay attention to them…they are introducing something of value or not…a message, a reminder, a wish, a fear while we would like to have said goodbye to them forever and ever. Linear thinking is the way of our Mind until we learn to join our Mind with our Witness.

Developing our Awareness is now our Work to take charge of…in the sense that these thoughts have a beginning, middle and ending. Completing themselves (thought mission) and not returning is part of their operation that I am examining. AH!!! Lots of pain and suffering comes with these energy giants that take our heart and soul while along comes feelings or thoughts of “what the fuck”- hopelessness….this is just how powerful these THOUGHTS can be when we lose awareness of them and don’t address them.

Now is the Time for all of us to use our natural ability to transcend thoughts and learn to transform these energy giants into Space…. Let’s free ourselves from ‘internal chatter’ that we take so personal and allow these thoughts to torture us for years and are located somewhere in the Mind….some thoughts want priority while others even offer a Solution to a question or concern we may have…..Our Mind is Perfect. We can learn to listen to our real quiet and calm being as we develop our practice regularly and with awareness of the activity of our Mind. We can learn to support our lives, our health and our relationships with the Open, Honest, Accepting and Allowing Creatures of Nature, designed with an opportunity and ability to develop and maintain Awareness of our Mind. Our Mind and Being are our Best Friends and Companions forever…We are One!!!

My Guide and Teacher, Tarthang Tuku, introduces us to many meditation practices that helps me discover and learn to become more whole, balanced and enjoy my visit to Spaceship Earth, as Buckminster Fuller describes our adventure through Space. There is so much in this environment to join with and learn from when our Knowledge is being presented with Awareness. Notice also how important Safe, Skillful and Nourishing-Healthy Touch improves the quality of life, health and relationships that are not accepted by the sick care profession that only promotes drugs and labels--cut, burn, poison and zap is the way of Western one recovers from Disorders without healthy touch. [link]

Note: Picture by Robin Woolley, LISW, SNM Alliance School Social Worker and Team Leader

See Bibliography: [link]

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