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picture5 Jan 2016 @ 17:46, by Gerald Vest

Beware of Charlatans and Scammers in our Social Networks-Got Me!!!

"One thing we can be sure of in life is that we do not know everything. We have no certain knowledge of the past from which we came nor to the future we are proceeding. We may not even know the present condition of our bodies, minds and feelings." Tarthang Tulku, Tibetan Meditation-Practical teaching and step-by-step exercises on how to live in harmony,peace and happiness

Knowledge is a special concept that is just accepted as fact, yet we rarely examine where our Truth comes from or how we Know what we Know. Has to be our Experience as this is our only way to know for certain that we have learned from our actions, reactions and non-actions. (Every action produces a reaction and some form of response while our Witness observes and accepts everything….the balance point and equilibrium are in the experience with us.)

I am visiting my Tarot Cards to examine how learning takes place as we join our Nature-Nurture as the Fool. Wonder how many kids and babies will be watching the Super Bowl, sporting events and doing what parents enjoy without also attending to the Whole Family.

I am a Fool who has allowed my thoughts to over-take reasonable action. I have been caught in an Internet Scam thinking one of the characters was a very good friend guiding me as the Scammer uses my long-term friend’s FB identity with his persuasion to get my $’s to cover the costs of a large transaction from abroad.

I never thought I could fall for such deceit and lies but my loyalty was used and placed with a long-term friend’s Face Book (FB) page taken over by the scammer. After calling and talking with him about this experience, he informed me that others had also been scammed using his old account and advised him to contact FB about this misuse of his identify.

The Scammer’s FB Page identified himself as a government employee and both participants (really one) had a similar story about how I was selected for this Award to pay for health services for my Injured Warriors and Families. A huge International prize was to be awarded so I could serve our vets with all the health services at no cost. So, the charges to receive this gift were passed on to me, step by step, had to be paid up-front, in advance and the check is waiting at the border so taxes, insurance, delivery and other requirements came with adding $’s on to my “investment.”

What started to add up was the way both called me Gerald while all my friends, including this one, know I go by ‘Jerry.’ The final request was for me to get a loan for several thousand $’s that made me examine everything I was doing to fall into this dark well and cloudy vision of success and wealth.

I know now that we must always know that we live in a ‘buyer beware’ economy where business as usual is to get as much as they can out of their customer, product, service and scam. We fall for these rackets as we’ve lived with them for our entire life and have not learned to follow our Truth, our Experience, our Knowledge and our Instincts.

I am very ashamed and embarrassed about being used and trapped by my own inhabitant of increasing my wealth to improve services and even employ some professionals to give free Holistic and Integrative Health Services to our Returning Warriors and Families. Didn’t sleep much last night as I reviewed my experience from beginning to end, shared my experience with my Daughter, who I have also been wanting to help her through some challenging life experiences with faulty cars, 3 teenagers needing support in private school and soon the oldest granddaughter will be attending our University this coming Fall semester.

Now I am sharing this to open my mind to the whole game of deceit, fear, ignorance and greed (always wanting more than I “need.”) I am also cautioning others about scammers taking on identities of friends who we believe in and, even with the best of intentions for using the $’s for service, is not using our Mind to separate, “fact from fiction” and help guide us through the cloudy vision of making a more successful life with additional money.

I also learned that my four values of being human, rely on honesty, openness, accepting and allowing ourselves to Join our Nature with God’s Nature….as our Tarot-Tora or Laws are designed to show us, in the Cards, starting with our Fool in the First Position, standing on a cliff, being warned by society (the little dog) how these experiences in Life, Health and Relationships are manifested to help us achieve and complete our lives successfully by Learning about ‘every step we take’ in life to improve ourselves. We have to Fall into the Ravine and get swallowed up by our Society that is also learning to awaken Consciousness and Awareness.

I now know I am vulnerable, trusting, caring and respectful of others; however, we can be cheated, deceived and used when we don’t learn about our processes of becoming whole and integrative beings. Learning to Trust others in our Country and beyond is a life long journey to become fully human and social creatures. Our social networking can lead us into challenging relationships when we lose sight of our reason for being on Planet Earth—awakening our Minds and Consciousness so we do not fall into the ravine and get swallowed up by the Alligators-Tricksters-Scammers, out to take advantage of others and our innocence. Learned this also from a very good and wise daughter, "…when someone is asking for money to give you special funds, it is probably a SCAM."

Gerald W. Vest, ACSW/LISW/LMT
Injured Warrior, Provider--Individual, Couple, Family & Group
Holistic & Integrative Health Practitioner & Professor Emeritus NMSU
Las Cruces, NM 88005

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6 Jan 2016 @ 02:17 by jerryvest : I felt just like this old and stressed..
isolated Tree blowing in the wind with little protection, but I am rooted and will get through this Scam and know better how to help my Vets who become targets for all kinds of predators in every community near military bases...yes, I know better Now....I'll send my battle buddies out to help me next time....  

7 Jan 2016 @ 23:08 by EMMA SWAN JACKET @ : hi
It’s a relevant niche blog and tactic worth it. Keep sharing here!  

7 Jan 2016 @ 23:20 by jerryvest : Thanks, Emma....helps me process and
clear my Mind so this experience doesn't take away the love and caring I have as a professional social worker and this is a life time is learning and there are great con artists out here in our society that I once worked with in a maximum prison and in drug centers to help instincts didn't pick everything up as my instructions were give very rapidly so I could receive my Prize the next me laugh now when I think about how trapped I had gotten and was continually being encouraged with a side conversation with my vet brother who's FB page was taken over by the Government Identified Worker, interacting freely....I just want others to know that ....if someone asks you to pay to get your $'s or reward, it is generally as and learn, and I'm only 80.  

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