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picture25 May 2015 @ 14:06, by Gerald Vest

Courage to Be and to Free Ourselves by Gerald W. Vest, LISW, LMT, SNM Injured Warrior Alliance

On this Memorial Day, I am writing and dedicating this meditation and message of “Courage to Be Ourselves” with our great service members. Courage to Be Ourselves – Physically, Mentally, Emotionally, Spiritually and Socially with our families who gallantly and courageously served and many lost their lives in the Line of Duty and many more returning from the Wars injured to the core….seems no end to this ‘line’.

I am entering the 80’s decade and can’t remember a time when we were not in a war or ‘police action’… am sorry for our losses that may continue for many life times with the passing of our brothers and sisters. Seems an endless misuse of our human and natural resources to continue such endless pain and suffering without examining – For what Purpose will mass aggression and killing serve and what are the possible long term and potential consequences?

Calming our Passions and Inhabitants, as is the function of our ”Self Preservation and Relation’s Instincts” (am I safe and secure with myself, inside and outside? O. Ichazo) and, having no real self-defense as compared with our animal kingdom -- anger, fear, loss, jealousy, envy, greed, loneliness, shape and reduce our relationships, strength, coordination, balance and flexibility with our whole being—all stress induced mechanisms or inhabitants produce or initiate our Fight-Flight-Freeze protective and adaptive modes, especially when experiencing Stress and Trauma with our entire organism. Our lives, health and relations are all threatened and we have to ‘literally’ be on guard ‘all’ the time. The military expectation is that we must perform at our Peak, 24-7 regardless of the condition--physically, mentally, emotionally, socially, respectfully, responsibly with no end in sight with the pain, stress and suffering.

As one healing, protection, recovery and prevention of further Stress, Anxiety and Depression, I have been practicing and teaching the Mudras that our mind accepts without interfering with the meditation as these physical body-hand postures offer us a confident, encouraging message that provides security, safety, equilibrium and balance of our whole being.

No More Agitation!

Our traditional Tibetan medicine and health practices have these visualization exercises that offer us a direct connection with our emotions, our relationships and give us strength and courage. Also, Mudras answer our unspoken question that we are now, safe and secure. For example, with “Courage to Be Ourselves.” See my bibliography for the resources I am calling on to present this picture of freedom from stress, anxiety and depression with integrative and holistic health practices and services. [link]

Method: Sit in a comfortable position on the floor or chair and ground your energy by observing the breath as it rises and falls in the lungs while maintaining awareness of the Kath or tan Tien (center of equilibrium), located about 3 fingers below the ‘belly button.’ Lightly close your fists and cross your arms in front of your chest. Imagine holding Broad Swords in your hands knowing you are now safe and secure. Sit for several minutes with this posture for several days to recover and restore our Courage and transcend our ‘inhabitants.'

Also, make the palms of your hands and soles of your feet, and belly, bright Red as Fire arriving from Mother’s core and center of our Earth. Our Being knows now it is safe and secure with this Image of Power, Strength, Trust and Partnership we now have opened up with our true source of energy.

Outcome is Fearless--open, honest, accepting and allowing our ‘being’ to be ‘free at last’ while experiencing our essential energies uniting us with All that Is--as this is our True Nature to become--Equal. “All is One!”

With mindful awareness and without a doubt, fear, judgment, belief and ignorance, we will discover happiness and self-realization as human beings according to this equation:

“Freedom=NoEffect=Interaction=Relationship’s=Empathy=Love=Compassion=Understanding=Joy=Happiness=Fulfillment=Realization as Human Beings.”


Another representation of the 2 Swords Mudra is described by Bonny that tells an interesting overview of this Tarot image of a blind-folded being holding them as introduced. [link]

Picture is Elija, John and Jerry having lunch together following our weekly massage and acupuncture treatments with our Returning Warriors and Families. We have been working together with Injured Warriors at Ft Bliss and WSMR for several years and continue to serve them as a team organization modeled after our Ft Bliss R & R Center where Lizard and I worked with the entire family and warriors....what affects-effects One affects-effects All... Our SNM Alliance Website...please visit and join with us.

We Salute you Vets and families. We are grateful for your Service to our Nation, always at War!!! We are here to support your Recovery, Health and Wellbeing<

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