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picture26 Apr 2015 @ 19:07, by Gerald Vest

Viewing freedom as intrinsic to our being, we discover that our lives are what we make of them. All options are open, our choices unlimited. When we have knowledge, space grants us unbounded opportunity, and time presents us with infinite possibilities for change. Tarthang Tulku, Knowledge of Freedom - Time to Change,(Dharma Publishing,(1984),

I am introducing "My Continuum of Awareness" on this beautiful morning sitting outside my Health Studio. I feel the wind brushing my arms and feel the coolness in my hands as I type…birds are chirping and singing all around us… my dog partners, Alley and Jack are basking in the sun in a space they carved out for themselves…seems they also enjoy chasing the birds out of our territory and the birds know they are in this together….our pecan tree is one of their feeding areas so they return often and several are born in her secure and protected areas and in our surrounding area are enormous trees that offer nests with safety and security for everyone wishing to join her.

Now I notice that I am expressing whatever comes to my mind without planning or editing….space is behind every sentence….continuing to fill this space with these letters forming words and sentences.

Now the birds are interacting with everyone and everything…so many different voices….many very high pitched sounds vibrating my Pineal Gland and nervous system. Feeling the red fire in my feet and palms of my hands as I remind my mind that we are going to leave her and join our Being in Nature as a unified Whole….All is in Interaction and Relationship whether we are aware or not….

Now "I" (this observer) is moving on to my belly where my Center of Equilibrium lives as when we leave her, we lose our connection to Mother….what the Mind wants the Body doesn’t…so this Point of reference and balance with our Whole Being is essential….not a good feeling lost in Time and Space without any source of connection to feel “safe and secure” (Self Preservation Instinct) with our feet shoulder width apart in the Strength and Courage Position as in the Mudras. (see Ichazo. [link]

Now I am leaving the mind following this introduction or conversation about "Being Present" while experiencing Life’s and Nature’s Presentation…we are all in this performance together, however, we tend to live in a shell and keep ourselves so very occupied we lose “sight” of our goals and of our Mission. May take many life times to discover what our Mission is as we could be in the Beginning, middle or completion phase of our destiny…if there is such a place to complete our physical journey and say, “Way to Go, Jerry.” You did the best you knew how and took on lots of challenges in life physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually and socially.

My Being is filled with love, compassion and hope for humanity while working to express myself with Courage, Understanding, Respect and Loving everything and everyone….working to learn to balance my passion for serving humanity and learning that Western Psychology is lost in Time and Space with the labeling and naming everything that does not fit their linear tests, beliefs, theories and thinking.

You know, must not have enough brain power and strength so must be separated from the "mentally well" and given a Disorder Shadow, a Code# that sticks with everyone for their life (like a prison or jail sentence), and psychotropic chemicals mixed together to cover up the War Trauma. The Being is threatened 24-7 for much of their lives…forever and ever….perhaps why so many won’t own up to their multiple injuries that affect every system of the body, mind, spirit, emotions and social relations….to the Max…to the cellular level. Restoration, recovery and resilience requires lots of Breathing and Health Exercises daily for several years to strengthen and restore our immune system, relations and find Meaningful Work….like school or special training programs for certification and licensing practices.

Now I am observing my breath and its pattern…very slow and full, breathing into by belly the red flame of strength and courage to stay here and allow my mind to settle into itself and just Be relaxed, at ease with self, feeling the blood move through their channels, my back needs movement will close this for Now….


Note: Picture is Patrick M. Vest and Eleanor- who arrive several days following Lou's departure. El Perfecto!!!

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1 May 2015 @ 04:56 by vaxen : Nice!
Wonderful, Jerry! Thanks for that... I'm so lucky to be in a deep forest with streams, animals, birds, living things all around me 24/7 & seven wonderful dogs to go exploring with. Nature... heals. ☺  

1 May 2015 @ 12:17 by fiskedavid : mindfulness
Lovely piece of writing. Thank you. I immerse myself in nature too and also let the silence and light wash me in meditation. love,

1 May 2015 @ 13:49 by jerryvest : Thanks for your
kind and thoughtful comments....jerry  

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