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picture5 Apr 2015 @ 13:51, by Gerald Vest

We Practice and Offer an Intensive and Extensive Holistic Health Approach-

Thank you for visiting our Injured Warrior Alliance and please come back often and share how you are serving our Returning Warriors and Families as they recover from over a decade of Wars and attempt to recover from the enormous Stress, Anxiety and Depression affecting every physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and social system produced by War Trauma...the 3 Killers of Humanity One. Let's organize and interact and make certain that every vet and their family returning to our Community receive our Services...this is our SNM Alliance Design modeled after the World Priemier Ft Bliss Restoration and Resilience Center, providing intensive and extensive health services, full time, 40 hrs. a week for Recovery, Restoration and Resilience. You are welcome to join our workshops and weekly workouts.

Our Mind, in the Now, is opening up and accepting everything that follows along, often with ‘long cloud like trails’ of unfinished business, memories, plans and concerns about living, dying, feelings and being safe and secure— and outside. Know, we are never alone in this World or we wouldn’t be here Now.

Several of us are aware of our injured-wounded warriors and families returning to our communities, they need us Now!!!

Message for our vets: We fall early in life learning to move around our environment, we get back up and keep working ‘til we get ‘it’, moving toward greater freedom, life, health and relationships. Perhaps, "falling" again develops our courage to be ourselves. Falling is our most vital learning experience…our family, friends, brothers and sisters are here to help you 'stand up,' recover from your horrendous injuries affecting every cell and system 24-7 for more than a decade of wars and trauma--many ‘fall(s)’. Remember how good the hugging and attention, with encouragement, tenderness and love proved to be the best way to recover from our early ‘falls’…then and NOW. We now can brush ourselves off, give everyone a big hug, and continue breathing, moving, exploring and learning.

Picture is my Poster of the 3 Instincts and the 3 Killers, Stress, Anxiety and Depression. All systems injured with War Trauma. (Oscar Ichazo, Between Metaphysics and Protoanalysis) See bibliography: [link]


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