Gerald Vest: A Psychosomatic Engagement with Integrataive and Holistic Health Services    
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Pic by Robin Woolley, LISW Master Teacher


Master Class-1:30-5:00pm, Eagle Rooms

NASW New Mexico Annual Conference, Feb. 25, 2015

Team Member Introduction:

•Jerry Vest, ACSW, LISW, LMT, Emeritus Professor and SNM Injured Warrior Alliance, Organization Leader, Holistic-Integrative Health Practitioner [link]

•Robin Woolley, LISW, School Social Worker and Private Holistic-Integrative Health Practitioner, SNM Injured Warrior Alliance

•Amanda Wiles, LISW, School Social Worker and Private Holistic-Integrative Health Practitioner, SNM Injured Warrior Alliance

•Jessica White, LISW, Emergency Crisis Worker and Private Holistic-Integrative Health Practitioner, SNM Injured Warrior Alliance

Master Level Workshop

Mindfulness, Grounding our Energies, Maintaining a Continuum of Awareness while observing Breath and Breathing. Robin’s Nest-Shake Out!!! Allow your ‘breath to chart your rhythms’ and calm the body, mind and emotions with meditation, massage, acupuncture, yoga, tai chi, Reiki, Kum Nye, Therapeutic Touch and other services identified on our Website. [link]

1.Introduction to the Engagement Process of Injured Warriors and Families and the use of Safe, Skillful, Healthy and Nourishing Touch.The Empathic Relationship (See Guidelines for Safe use of Touch –“Melting, Giving and Receiving the vitality of breath with the power of Touch.” (Jerry)

2.Six Core Skills for Trauma Therapists to Practice. (See Screen) The West Coast Trauma Project Core Skills. Stabilization Stage. New Trauma Therapists

3.Professional Self-Care Plan with Commitment, Right Intention and Integrity of all physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and social systems. Maintaining a daily holistic health routine is essential for recovery, restoration and resilience. (Partner up and design Daily Health Program. (Jessness) [link]

4.Body-Mind-Spirit-Emotion – P-Cal exercises…Integration Breath, Shoulder Rolls, Udyama and Head Series. (Team Presents) [link]

5.Basic Values and Principles for improving the quality of our Lives, Health and Relationship. Alliance Services, Engagement Processes and Requirements (Amanda)

Guidelines for Empathic Therapy by Dr. Peter Breggin

[link]As empathic therapists and Holistic-Integrative Health Practitioners:[link]

(1) We treasure those who seek our help and we view therapy as a sacred and inviolable trust. With humility and gratitude, we honor the privilege of being therapists.

(2) We rely upon relationships built on trust, honesty, caring, genuine engagement and mutual respect.

(3) We bring out the best in ourselves in order to bring out the best in others

(4) We create a safe space for self-exploration and honest communication by holding ourselves to the highest ethical standards, including honesty, informed consent, confidentiality, professional boundaries and respect for personal freedom, autonomy and individuality.

(5) We encourage overcoming psychological helplessness and taking responsibility for emotions, thoughts and actions — and ultimately, for living a self-determined life.

(6) We offer empathic understanding and, when useful, we build on that understanding to offer new perspectives and guidance for the further fulfillment of personal goals and freely chosen values.

(7) When useful, we help to identify self-defeating patterns learned in childhood and adulthood in order to promote the development of more effective choice-making and conduct.

(8) We do not treat people against their will or in any way use coercion, threats, manipulation or authoritarianism.

(9) We do not reduce others to diagnostic categories or labels — a process that diminishes personal identity, over-simplifies life, instills dependency on authority and impedes post-traumatic growth. Instead, we encourage people to understand and to embrace the depth, richness and complexity of their unique emotional and intellectual lives.

(10) We do not falsely attribute emotional suffering and personal difficulties to biochemistry and genetics. Instead, we focus on each person’s capacity to take responsibility and to determine the course of his or her own life.

(11) We recognize that a drug-free mind is best suited to personal growth and to facing critical life issues. Psychiatric drugs cloud the mind, impair judgment and insight, suppress emotions and spirituality, inhibit relationships and love and reduce willpower and autonomy. They are anti-therapeutic.

(12) We apply the guidelines for empathic therapy to all therapeutic relationships, including persons who suffer from brain injuries or from the most profound emotional disturbances. Individuals who are mentally, emotionally and physically fragile are especially vulnerable to injury from psychiatric drugs and authoritarian therapies, and are in need of the best we have to offer as empathic therapists.

(13) Because children are among our most vulnerable and treasured citizens, we especially need to protect them from psychiatric diagnoses and drugs. We need to offer them the family life, education and moral and spiritual guidance that will help them to fulfill their potential as children and adults.

(14) Because personal failure and suffering cannot be separated from the ethics and values that guide our conduct, we promote basic human values including personal responsibility, freedom, gratitude, love and the courage to honestly self-evaluate and to grow.

(15) Because human beings thrive when living by their highest ideals, individuals may wish to explore their most important personal values, including spiritual beliefs or religious faith, and to integrate them into their therapy and their personal growth.

Program Closing Experience

1.Closing Experience balancing body, mind and emotions—Earth as a Living Consciousness – Integrative Mindfulness Exercises—“Be the Action that makes the Change Happen.” Personal Growth Work—centering activity becoming less scattered and grounded. (Robin)

Recommended Bibliography for Integrative and Holistic Health Resources, Research, Practice, Human Development, Community Organization and learning about our MIND:

2.Open Discussion, Concerns, Questions.....

Questions, Comments, Evaluation and Join our coalition of Integrative and Holistic Health Social Workers. Thank you for participating in our Workshop!!!

This is the Form to Report these Violations by a profession that has no Empathy or Appreciation for the Child's life with these Disorder Labels (psychic tattoos) and Mass Drugging Protocol [link]

Gerald W. Vest, ACSW/LISW/LMT

Injured Warrior, TRICARE Provider--Individual, Couple, Family & Group
Holistic & Integrative Health Practitioner & Professor Emeritus NMSU
Las Cruces, NM 88005

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