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picture12 Dec 2014 @ 15:18, by Gerald Vest

Dreaming in the Day, Dreaming at Night--What is the difference or distinction? By Gerald W. Vest, LISW, LMT, Community Health Practitioner with Injured Warriors and their Families

As we take an Open Path of Freedom of, with and, for our Mind, our adventures take us on a Journey that never Ends just as, No Beginning…we are reminded that (Spirit-Essence-Being)—‘what is never born cannot die’. Developing and maintaining Awareness--curiosity, integrity and a commitment with right intention to become our True Nature-Being, is our Mission.

‘I’ remember Tarthang Tulku Rimpoche reminding us in his Great Books, we have an opportunity to live 24-7 in a life fulfilling experience, day and night, (beyond words). Therefore, let’s open our Consciousness so our Whole Being joins “All that Is,” throughout our day and night experience, as one breath follows another….and, we soon become aware that there is an ‘internal breath’ that is so quiet and calm, not often recognizable (is present with Creativity and Happiness)…the experience is like we are ‘Being Breathed’. Awareness is a direct experience, interaction and relationship with everyone and everything. An experience of Being One, often referred to as “Making the Equal.” (Oscar Ichazo)

Thank you my friends, colleagues and partners in our Alliance. I am especially grateful for Master, Tarthang Tulku and Master Oscar Ichazo for their guidance and wisdom. I am enjoying my life, health and relationships enormously as I ‘join Nature’ and become whole and balanced. This is such a great adventure and I have learned that Wisdom often comes with the experience of Loss, Separation, Death, Despair, Disillusionment and Hopelessness. The Ego has no place to Go and is no longer our identity that has been in contradiction, opposition, and un- developed.

This act of Self-Ego Destruction is only an illusion of the Mind. What has “never been born, can never die.” We are Eternal Beings, created unique, with our own finger print and our own ‘Will and Courage to Be Ourselves.’ “All is our Own Dream, Day and Night.” However, together with integrity and with our natural energies, there are No Limitations–no longer Fear, Pain and Suffering.

We salute our Veterans of all Wars as they understand fully what Being is like, while standing in front of their Mirror and witnessing and observing their Courageous Spirit behind their Injured Body. Thank you my friends, brothers, sisters and families for being together with me and with our Team on this Journey to Freedom, Fulfillment, Happiness and Equilibrium. [link]

Note: Picture by Robin Woolley, LISW, SNM Alliance with Injured Warriors

Love You.

Gerald W. Vest, ACSW/LISW/LMT

Injured Warrior, TRICARE Provider--Individual, Couple, Family & Group
Holistic & Integrative Health Practitioner & Professor Emeritus NMSU
Las Cruces, NM 88005

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