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picture5 Nov 2014 @ 16:39, by Gerald Vest

We are not our Body or our Mind…they are in contradiction until we unite--join them together—What the Mind Wants the Body Doesn’t and goes Both Ways—always in contradiction. Awaken consciousness and we can see them playing both sides of the continuum of contradiction with one another. We have happiness, joy, fulfilment, satisfaction and self-realization while working in Cooperation, Interaction, Teamwork and Partnership with family, friends, colleagues, partners and others. Our Ego’s are never in agreement as they always play their opposite ‘sides’ perfectly in their logic and as an equation . “Laws of Form.”

We are not our bodies so I’m learning to love self, get to know him and exercise him and all the parts every day, Being will respond with vitality and with energies beyond the medicines prescribed for behavioral and mental disorders.

Sick care is not Health Care and these crazy professionals who identify their patients with disorders, not knowing our-their Mind, when out of balance and equilibrium, Mind manifests contradictions often referred to as a Disorder--
Bi-polar”. Everyone is Bipolar…our egos and our mind participate in these endless, eternal mental games or activities as this is their Function. Our Mind is Perfect, capable of opening up and allowing us to Be, our True Self, with total honesty, openness, acceptance and allowing all and everything to Be, as “it” is, as we are—unique Beings and developing Minds. Our Thoughts become our experience. (Tarthang Tulku)

It is not respectful, kind or responsible for Psychiatry and Western Psychology to be the profession given the authority to Label and plant a life-long illness on another Human Being, with little to no evidence to support their diagnosis or treatment plans. In fact, there is greater evidence that the placebo would be saving many lives and dependency on chemicals and their therapists or doctors for life. The Disorder Label is like pinning a (psychic tattoo) on a human’s chest, with a (dark shadow) in the Mind, for life.

Personally, I see the psychiatry-psychology-clinical social work-clinical nursing, et al.; sick care protocol as Dangerous and Disgusting behavior by professions that is now clearly and perfectly identified as The Hidden Enemy of our Society and of our Military. Order your free copy of this documentary that will hopefully land with every one of our returning warriors and their families. [link]

This historical documentary was a year in the making and Sgt. Joel Korte and I had the privilege of being invited to be part of this presentation as the Swiss Documentary Crew , representing the Commission on Civil and Human Rights (CCHR), interviewed us in my US Army Health Studio. Joel is truly a Star in our Universe and Spirit of this history making War experience.

Sgt. Korte is a wise, skillful, courageous and experienced professional Medic, serving 5 years as a Marine and 10 years, US Army. He separated from Marines to enter college, and later re-enlisted in the Army. Joel is a seasoned 15 year Warrior and a Combat Medic sharing his experience and story about the psychiatric, psychological treatments received following several deployments. He learned that the med cocktails do the exact opposite of their promises. Other vets in the documentary reported similar experiences with the meds.

No one ever recovers from a Disorder that does not exist….our Vets have been INJURED to the Core-Corp, the cellular level….every system requiring intensive and extensive Integrative and Holistic Health Services and Resources for recovery, restoration and resilience of the whole being—physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually and socially.

Joel Korte, our SNM Alliance sends our Love and eternal friendship--you are a remarkable and courageous Warrior and human being. Know God’s Blessing is with our Returning Warriors returning from over 12 years of war, with no End in Sight. Joel, your boot prints have left us with a lasting impression of hope for others needing health services and resources, not drug and labels. God Bless You!!!

We Salute You, Joel!!! [link]

Note: Picture by my friend Robin Woolley, LISW, SNM Alliance

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10 Nov 2014 @ 22:16 by syntonyone : We are not our body or our mind
Love this article and agree totally. Last week a new child came to our school who was in foster care, she is 8 years old and just got out of a children's' psych hospital in Albuquerque. This child is on 8 medications and she has no advocate to withdraw her off of some of these meds.....disgusting how we are drugging and numbing out our children! As a social worker I am not in agreement that we label and drug people. As a matter of fact it is criminal that we can only bill for medicaid if people are given a diagnosis as prescribed by psychiatrists and psychologists who are supported by big Pharma industry....a multi-billion dollar corporation....  

10 Nov 2014 @ 23:15 by jerryvest : Thank you for being in the Social
Work experience with us, as well. We are not meant to be supporting, labeling and drugging our clients while my referrals are already coded and labeled, however, I must confirm their diagnosis by accepting payment for their services and meeting their numerous requirements to secure themselves as Insurance Providers. We get many referrals that could be reported and have reported several, especially in Nursing Homes and Vet Hospitals. Nothing ever comes of their dangerous behaviors and causing great harm with these unscientific labels and drug protocols. I encourage everyone to see this latest documentary that one of my Injured Warriors and I, share our experience with "The Hidden Enemy", not just for our Military, but for our greater society...extremely dangerous and poisoned Our Well.  

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