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Seekers with the Truth


Gerald W. Vest, ACSW, LISW, LMT Professor Emeritus, NMSU

Ask ourselves, “What is Truth?” The TAROT introduces us to our Game of Life as we develop our Knowledge, Wisdom, Love and Truth. “I” may take many life times to become what we are created to Be.

Swords represent our Truth and Laws of Nature while guiding us through a life experience of learning about ourselves. Lots of hurdles in our Path, however, we learn as we develop the courage to face every obstacle in our Path to achieve Freedom. After all is said and done, we are taken on this journey and adventure to complete, enjoy, love and realize ourselves as human beings.

Our Fool in the Second Position becomes our Spirit–Magician as our guide as we develop as a whole Being—physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually and socially—including our relationships and team spirt. I thank everyone I ever teamed up with to help us develop our community organizations to serve humanity.

As professional social workers, our “work” is to help, support, advocate, teach, introduce resources—encourage and empower others to become the best they can. Improving the quality of lives, health and relationships of all systems is our approach. Our holistic approach recognizes all body-mind-emotion systems are in total interaction and what affects/effects one system affect all systems. What affects the body, affects the Mind and Emotions—team work.

Living and practicing our craft by example, with Knowledge, Wisdom, Love and Truth (Tarot) is the goal and mission for our Integrative and Holistic Health social workers. Primary Prevention means we exercise all of our systems regularly and maintain a balance and equilibrium in our lives….’practicing and encouraging others is what we Teach.’

On a personal note, while being a Great Depression baby *March 20, 1935,” like my 3 brothers and sister, our family joined together as a Spirit of Divine Work. So, when I use this “Work” concept, it means something valuable for me, deeply imbedded in my psyche-Spirit. We are One Body, Mind and Spirit human family, lost in Time and Space while “living and relating” unconsciously while often unable to open our Minds and experience Being or Being in the Experience. (Awareness)

Meaningful Work, perhaps, refers to our Spirit-Being as naturally united with all that is “…forever and ever.”

Unfortunately, our Country, like many others have adopted a “work-economic-predatory culture or ethic” designed to make the “buyer beware” of those who wish to sell their product(s) using media to propagandize—Religions and Politicians have become the best ‘barkers’ or predators for encouraging fear, guilt, pain and suffering, knowing every human being is very vulnerable at birth as we know we have no body armor-self- defense--sharp teeth, claws, to protect us, unable to disguise our ego-selves (totally dependent for much of our life), although we try at times-historically to hide and bury our painful experiences without learning from them.

Thus, Mind associations continue to present themselves until we ‘learn our lesson(s)” and stop being a victim, helpless, fearful, hateful, angry, disgusting and Projecting Ego’s onto others, also suffering. *Perhaps this is the Time to make Space for our Past and when we “Clean our Lives”—we naturally are honest, open, accepting and allowing beings with deep respect, compassion, understanding, empathy and Love for ourselves and All that Is.

When we fear, our Consciousness is aware and we will Now have our Swords in Hand, with Open Arms (Queen of Swords), knowing all is for Learning, Transcending and Transforming everything into the Present…past and future is Our Dream, and our Illusion. Be Here Now.

“Be Here Now” is a great Mantra…..and, “for every step I take, (I recognize), “I Come from Thee and Return to Thee.” (Sufi Exercise) “Toh Ham Kum Rah (God is Eternal; Is in All of Us; Is in Everything is “One without Second.”) Thank you Oscar Ichazo, founder, Arica Institute, Inc. Now, following most of my 79 years experiencing, introducing, practicing, Arica Psychocalisthenics-Master Level Exercises and Kath States for several decades. I am now very able to continue my Teamwork and Meaningful Work.

Many of our soldiers going off and returning from wars learn to balance their body, mind, emotions and spirit knowing the Vitality of breath, coordinates every movement and produces Power-Energy--strength, coordination, balance with flexibility for our whole being. And, recovery from the extreme and excessive stress, anxiety and depression on all systems offers relaxation which moves, encourages and inspires--our life, health and relationships.

We have come together as Whole, Healthy, Happy and Successful, Social Being(s) and Professional Integrative and Holistic Health Social Worker(s). Thank you my friends and colleagues for joining with us on this life Journey to Free ourselves of ignorance, pain, prejudice and suffering. Time to Awaken our Consciousness, don’t you agree?

Pic by my friend Robin Woolley, LISW SNM Alliance with Injured Warriors and Families

Gerald W. Vest, ACSW/LISW/LMT

Injured Warrior, TRICARE Provider--Individual, Couple, Family & Group
Holistic & Integrative Health Practitioner & Professor Emeritus NMSU
Las Cruces, NM 88005


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