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 Our Master Mind is Blinded by the Light 2 comments
picture17 Oct 2014 @ 21:57, by Gerald Vest


Gerald W. Vest, ACSW, LISW, LMT, Professor Emeritus and Community Organizer-Holistic and Integrative Health Practitioner

What is on our Mind? My Mind is bossy and, yet, understanding if I go along with her occasionally and do exactly what she determines. Who would have known that our Mind is our Master and we are her Companion-Slave. She is our "Fool" in the First Position.

We are happy when we express our creativity and when preoccupied with thoughts, fears, beliefs, expectations, future and past, we become stressed, anxious and depressed. Mind can be our Mother, our Father, our Friend, our judgmental and fearful enemy and partner all at the same “Time”. Now is our ‘time’ to accept that our Body is Time and our Mind is Space--Our Being is Witness and Present and is the Experience of Life, Health and Relationships. As Tarthang describes "...the setting is our Witness." (T. Tulku Rinpoche, ("Time-Space-Knowledge Series")

Now is the Time for us to become aware and conscious of our breath and breathing…is our calmness barometer as we move from one breath to another throughout our physical life…bringing into our cardio-vascular-respiratory system all our nutrition for our body cells-mind-spirit-emotions while our Being expresses her creativity with our Out Breath of Loving Kindness. All that exists and our Essence is in perfect harmony-conscious, while knowing exactly how to Be and Live in Nature. Our Tarot introduces us to the the “Fool’s” Path of (Knowledge-Wisdom-Love-Truth) as is our human nature. In the Minor Arcana we take our Ego Life experiences systematically through the 4 Trumps-Suites while the Major Arcana, introduce our Fool in the second position-"The Magician" as she experiences her True Nature and has all the Tools for transformation and for our Spiritual Path.

Spirituality is filled with stress, anxiety and depression produced by Fear, Ignorance and Prejudice as manifested by an undeveloped humanity. As we leave the human-social Realm and enter our World as innocent, perfect, loving, and curious….honest, open, accepting and allowing, loving creatures, beings…El’ Perfecto!!!

Our society, especially our behavioral health, education, justice, military and welfare systems are managed by psychological and other measurement-labeling groups determining whether our children are advancing their knowledge, skills and learning. However, the psychological testing services are not able to measure our created, unique human being’s learning clock or phase of development. Western Psychology identifies human development in “Stages of Life” (linear thinking) rather than in unique phases. (See Ashley Montagu and my Bibliography for our Country’s Greatest Social Anthropologist introducing numerous contributions to Human Development, Touch, Social Values, Child Rearing, Health and Learning about life, health and relationships as human beings.) [link]

Note: Bold print is used as I temporarily lost my vision following Cataract Surgery. Now I can view the screen with glasses and am very happy that my sight is returning. These cataracts may well develop over our life span representing our prejudices induced by fear and ignorance—humans are in opposition to our True Nature and we are “Blinded by the Light.”

Pic by Dr. Cherie Black, Certified Stress-Out Practitioner and Therapist, LC, NM

Gerald W. Vest, ACSW/LISW/LMT

Injured Warrior, TRICARE Provider--Individual, Couple, Family & Group
Holistic & Integrative Health Practitioner & Professor Emeritus NMSU
Las Cruces, NM 88005

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