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picture9 Oct 2014 @ 19:20, by Gerald Vest

Awareness with our Being-Relations--Actions-Reactions and Interactions—Be Here Now!!


Gerald W. Vest, ACSW, LISW, LMT Professor Emeritus and Team Leader, SNM Injured Warrior Alliance

Seems we love to dream more than live in reality, “Here and Now”. Our Mind is attracted to endless thoughts and experiences of the Past while preparing us for our Future. However, living in the present moment (time measurement) requires Awareness of our ‘whole’ Being. This is recognized and introduced by the meditation and Spiritual traditions by our teachers and masters of our Mind. They have been encouraging and teaching us “how to” live, practice and experience our many Levels of Consciousness. And, Tarthang Tulku, clearly introduces us to becoming aware of our breath and experience our Gesture of Balance, “…let your breath chart your rhythms.”

We are not our Minds unless we wish to be in contradiction for our entire life span. Our mind was free when entering our fantastic World of sounds, sights, smells and tastes...especially loving mommies touch, food, breast, voice and connection with this new reality, everything is interesting to touch, taste, feel, enjoy and learn how to be in this space. We are so delicate for most of our lives, thinking we have to be tough and strong to be a man and beautiful being a woman…we are trapped in an illusion of Super Man and Wonder Woman, nothing in between—best described as self-centered or St. Ego (Ichazo)—the Middle Finger is our best message to our unconscious leaders, controlled by unconscious CEO’s, psychiatry, Western Psychology and all of our elected officials who take kick backs from their sponsors, who also write the legislation. Greed and Corruption is their way to Destruction.

Thank you Mom….you moms are so special. Thank you for Bringing Me In-too Life…. experiencing such enormous pain and suffering, beyond description, and, yet, with no regrets. Mothers and Women are remarkable creatures that we men will never quite know….or, perhaps, never know. :) This brings me to present the introduction of the “Continuum of Awareness” and a starting place for our Injured Warriors and their Families to join with their Nature’s Presentation and Healing-Recovery methods and approaches while we learn to “ground our energies” with Mother Earth. She takes care of us, everyone and all of her inhabitants perfectly, the best she can, however, we humans are her greatest obstructionists and unconscious destroyers of her Life-Health-Relationship and inhabitants.

We take ourselves so seriously and without a commitment to alter our course or path to despair and hopelessness. We will continue to make ourselves ill, stressed, anxious and depressed. When we get enough of this ‘self talk’, we will return to a state of sanity…society and everyone in it is Insane, especially those who remain unconscious about who we are.

As Psychiatry suggests, you have a Disease and you can function if you take these chemical cocktails to balance your brain….this is hilarious. Meds do exactly as their Warning reactions identified on the Pill Casing. ;) And, the patients take their medicine and what do you think the Result is after a life time of taking these Meds… a self-administered Lobotomy. (Visit your local Nursing Home and know they are "...only touched from wheel chair to bed, and from bed to wheel chair.")

Ask yourself, “What have I Accomplished with my life, health, work and relationships, Here and Now? What is happening? is a great Question…however, don’t ask Why? Stop looking for a simple answer to a question that can never be answered successfully, as in Nature—All is in Total Interaction-relationship—What affects-effects One Affects-Effects the Whole!!! We are One!

Now, be aware of your breath. Observe the rise and fall of the breath in your lungs while noticing how your belly is engaged and expands in the experience. Feel grounded to Earth and identify any thoughts coming into the mind as THINKING. (Pema Chodgon) Do visit my Bibliography as I have identified many resources that will guide us to Freedom with an Open, Honest, Accepting and Allowing our Mind to experience equilibrium, balance, harmony and happiness. [link] and do visit this webpage on meditation that will respond to your questions and concerns about meditation for learning about our Mind and our True

Being!!! [link]

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9 Oct 2014 @ 22:34 by jerryvest : Going through some eye surgery --
Cataracks...perhaps my prejudices have made me blind in the aging process....seems everyone in my age group is having these lens replaced as they are filled with these brown-sticky energies clogging our vision. Any, ideas apprechiated. oops!!!  

9 Sep 2016 @ 05:36 by jianbin0909 @ : jianbin0909

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