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picture29 Sep 2014 @ 12:27, by Gerald Vest

Insights of my Life Today as a Holistic and Integrative Health Practitioner, Here and Now!!!
By Gerald Vest, LISW, LMT Emeritus Professor, Integrative and Holistic Health Practitioner and Team Leader, SNM Injured Warrior Alliance

We are in this together. So when you realize you are talking to yourself, label it “Thinking” and notice your tone of voice. The Pema Chodron Collection, “No Escape, No Problem,” p. 6.

Insights to liberate me from my Mind and join my Being is my primary interest or focus, right now, with Life’s adventure, interest and journey as I complete my physical being….Free at Last from Fear, Ignorance, Judging and Punishing myself relates to some of my studies, practices and work history…never Perfect Enough for my Mind and Egos. I’m now happy with the outcome. Ahhhhhhhhhh 

Now, My Being is experiencing everything in the Present, accepting allowing and perhaps recording everything eternally and everything that I have ever experienced and will Experience. Without Judgment…so let’s no longer contaminate our mind with negative thoughts and beliefs; or, lets allow ourselves to be open like the sky….let go of things and thoughts about ourselves…internal chatter is just gossip that makes us look ugly, unfulfilled and unable to care for ourselves and others…We are One Spirit…Sending you my next Breath and 9 more as I observe my outbreath or exhale and allowing ” it”- my breath- to be soft and light filled, with love in my heart and expressing to Nature and all of Humanity fully, and with my whole Being, Hugs filled with love and gratefulness to Being Here Now!!!

We can ask God to Heal our Planet and All of our inhabitants…Now, in this no time space and place, without a foundation or structure…my breath is my spirit and am sending it to ‘all that is’….Beyond All Boundaries, Beyond the Beyond and Beyond that…..God Bless us All or we couldn’t Be Here Now. Love this next breath and the next one as we are all joining Nature’s Breath…our One True, Beautiful Happy and Loving Spirit Being.

Note: Pic is by my friend and photographer, Robin Woolley, LISW

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