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picture25 Sep 2014 @ 00:52, by Gerald Vest

Right Action is No Reaction to Fear
Gerald W. Vest, ACSW, LISW, LMT Emeritus Professor, SNM Alliance, Organization Leader

Fear of loss, fear of failure, fear of being hurt, and so on, but ultimately all fear is the ego’s fear of death, of annihilation. To the ego, death is always just around the corner. In this mind-identified state, fear of death affects every aspect of your life. Practicing The Power of Now, Eckhart Tolle, p. 28

Right Action means No Reaction—our Being is honest, open, accepting, and allowing, as is Nature…suggests to me that when we are aware and conscious, there is No Wrong Action or Judgment. Our Being is not capable of producing an Action that is imperfect, as is God’s Will. I suggest that anything and everything in Nature is Perfect as all is Created…only, we human beings, who have a Mind that judges, evaluates, analyzes, interprets, assesses, is always in perfect contradiction. Mind operates linearly while Western Conventional Psychology has limited understanding or appreciation for the Power of our Mind and how she works, relates, reacts and functions.

Psychology labels these natural contradictions, a disease and illness. Bipolar for example, no cure in sight leads to those of you identifying with and given your psychic tattoos for life. (Disorder Labels) Mind knows and responds to everything on both sides of the spectrum or equation, like spiritual calculus, identifying and seeking balance, harmony and equilibrium…”The Natural State of Mind is Void.” (Oscar Ichazo)

One question is? How do we know we are responding and interacting in Nature as honest, open, aware and conscious human beings? Seems humans have demonstrated that we are selfish and have self-centered Egos believing everyone and everything was created for us. When we don’t “Get our way,” we cry, rant and rave endlessly. These Western Psychologists and Psychiatrists have manufactured the belief that our brain is the root of all evil, pain and suffering-offering a cocktail of chemicals to their patients-humanity, to keep ‘it’- the Brain, in check. However, they have never found a cure for this dichotomy of the Mind that moves too radically from one side of the contradiction or argument to another. For example, our egos don’t often have a favorable view of “us”. Our Image Ego can identify us as Insecure, unattractive, dumb and frightened on the one side of dichotomy and fault finding, arrogant, smart and fearful on the other.

Seems we will only be satisfied, loving, kind, happy, empathetic and compassionate when we experience our equilibrium, all systems balanced and integrated, within the home of our Being-Witness (True Nature), Here and Now, with awareness—as our innocent Fool participates and learns and embodies Knowledge, Wisdom, Love and Truth. (The Tarot)

I suspect that Fear has ruled and controlled our human behavior for as long as we’ve been on Earth. We are delicate creatures with no real self-defense. We are such delicate and sensitive creatures with a Mind that knows everything and nothing of our Being—always in apparent contradiction--defends and protects us except when fear and doubt enter the picture or experience. We can be very proud of our innovation and learn to create comfort, safety and security using the “Laws of Nature” by “Being One with Her-Him” as she gives us longevity and a fulfilling, meaningful and happy life. Hopefully we realize or accept ourselves as unique humans created with a purpose…not unlike our Pecan tree and our Birds, Insects and other creatures nesting, nourished and sheltered by her. (Recommend we Meditate on ‘our tree’ and join her state of Being-Living-Sharing-Protecting.)

Just know that when Fear raises our emotions, stress, anxiety or depression follows, not often knowing or realizing we are closest or near the Truth. Don’t cover fear over with the Shadow of drugs, but, rather, learn about our Mind and make her your best friend by experiencing the apparent contradiction and the domination and control of our minds by these strong characters and inhabitants.

My companions, students and teachers are my clients, friends and colleagues for learning. Our collective conscious teachings and practices are introduced on my Website. “Recommended Resources” for becoming whole-healthy, integrative, skillful, and responsible for achieving our best possibilities physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually and socially are identified with many Links. May take humans several lives, much pain and suffering, to develop a very strong commitment and a daily health program to experience and discover our True Nature.

Finally, learn about our Mind and become free of her domination and control. These are my best practices and resources that serve as my guides, brothers, sisters, friends and teachers. And, as I started this essay, I remind myself that Freedom=No Effect. (Oscar Ichazo) [link]

Note: Pic by Robin Woolley, LISW, SNM Alliance with Injured Warriors and Families

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2 Dec 2014 @ 23:56 by jerryvest : I edited this version of facing
our Fears as we develop the Courage to Be Ourselves--uniquely created beings on Mother Earth as she provided for me, 79+ years, my family, pets and extended family, beyond the beyond. Let's begin to accept that what effects-affects Mother, affects and effects All and Everything. We are very disrespectful of our Mother and "We must take care of Her!" So grateful to be here on Planet Earth for these many revolutions on "Space Ship Earth" *B. Fuller....  

29 Jan 2015 @ 06:01 by Francisco @ : cZLNwVOsnEOG
I meant comparing the two eeintits: wikipedia versus fiction. In my opinion, wikipedia, and going even further in general, the internet, is far, far more educational than fiction.They are two very different things - fiction books and wikipedia / other internet articles. Very different.: What is literature? Dostoevsky, Tolstoy, Shakespeare, Ernest Hemmingway… the list of important authors in the course of historyLiterature is books. Different books. Fiction books. The most important authors from the course of history... they are important for history, not for literature.Everyone has his own most important authors. The literature is art, not sciense.It is like music or anime or cinema, some songs or films are most important for you. And it is all completely individually.But literature differs from music or films in many ways.: What determines the work of Tolstoy to be literature and discriminates against Orson Scott Card (possibly my favorite science fiction author) ?I think that such division is stupid. Maybe Tolstoy wrote about something that is not important for you? Or not important for you now?I know many people that do not like Tolstoy and other classic books when they was young, but read it with pleasure after being 30 or 40 years old.It is normal.: nd if wikipedia doesn’t fulfill your desire to learn the world behind “War and Peace”, then you can go research further on the internet.Here is the point. You will be doing research about world behind the War an Peace. Not even about the novel. And of course not about ideas and meanings that Tolstoy want to told you.Fiction books are not about world or things or actions or scientific researches. They are about people. Fiction books told us about what people think and feel. About thoghts and emotions.People are very complex and various.And literature (fiction books) can teach us a lot about people.The War and Peace are not about war, not about peace. It is about people.And in very deed it is not about Natasha o Pier or other characters. It is about author, Tolstoy.In his book Tolstoy tries to tell you something about people. He tries to teach you something.May be you not need just this knowledge. But I think in all other hemospheres of knowledge is the same, your do not need all knowledge.All this things fit to other fiction books - it may be Orson Scott Card or may favorite Veronica Ivanova or Zelazny or any other books and authors.It is the basis of literature.  

29 Jan 2015 @ 16:53 by Zaid @ : ibCTaeuSNIJMuerOaVhz
I've actually prttey much decided to do it. I had the book in my hand the other day at the local English bookstore, but the paper quality was not great. Thin paper to keep the book from being too thick, I guess. So I'll probably just give in now and go for the thin paper.I liked your comment about how clear everything is in Tolstoy; that was one of my principal reactions to "Anna Karenina" (as far as the reading experience is concerned), by the same translators, too.  

29 Jan 2015 @ 21:52 by Labas @ : syDxcSGjhpWBrUh
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