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picture3 Sep 2014 @ 14:51, by Gerald Vest

All my Being!!!

We are all here Now, within this Space and Time, often with everything in our Mind bombarding us with information, often referred to as “Chi Cha" or confusion. Also, flooded with the Past-Future thoughts, and especially expresses unfinished life goals, concerns, fears including numerous inhabitants that will challenge our Human Development experience identified in The Tarot as “Knowledge (Wands), Wisdom (Pentacles), Love (Cups) and Truth (Swords). Being provides a recognition of respect and appreciation for our unique Being…All is one of a Kind discovering and answering the Question: Who Am I? Why Am I Here? What is Happening?

Hey this is not an easy Trip and Adventure….We get what we ask for. Our Mind is so Perfect “it” knows, will search every part of our consciousness for the answer and solution to any problem and question posed. It may take a life time or more to learn that our Mind is so perfect that “it” believes “it” is us…Not!!!

Mind has been with us, perhaps forever, knows its way around the social conventions, must survive at all “costs”—even while experiencing pain and suffering for many generations and before, *not* attempting to become united with “All That Is.” We don’t have to name her or give her any more control over our Being. She has brought us, again and again, on this eternal Human Journey to transform and transcend her-mind patterns of conditioning and her protective mechanisms into beautiful Images. For me, women are the most beautiful Beings-Creatures on our Planet Earth…I am so attracted to them as they touch my Heart-Soul and, all my Being lights up with their beautiful Presentation. Obviously, “I” am feeling separate from my darling who passed into the Light, nine months ago.) I am so grateful for my friends being with “me” during this transition.

Our Being knows everything so giving Lou space to free herself of the Past and Future, frees me as well…”Be Here Now” is my Mantra!!! I am here now with my Honey, Alley, Jack, Hopper and Goldie…We are one with “All my Being!”

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8 Jan 2015 @ 03:13 by jerryvest : I love you my darling mate for over
52 years....nothing more perfect than Miss Morgantown, West Virginia and mother for my children....Lou is no exception -- El Perfecto --- Love is Forever and Ever...  

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