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picture26 Jul 2014 @ 17:51, by Gerald Vest

Power of the Now… Review by Gerald W. Vest (Part 2)

Do visit my website Bibliography that brings all of these adventures together as introduced by these great Mind Explorers and Metaphysical scientists together for me and with us. [link]

What is NOW? How can I improve my life while joining the Now? Ask yourself where your pain and suffering is originating and you will be able to transcend the Past using the Now to Recover and Restore your Whole Being and develop the Courage to Become Safe and Secure with Yourself by Living with and in the NOW!!! Exciting and Adventurous beyond words….just DO IT (Meaning-Be You!!!). Here and NOW!!!.


Now is -- No Time, no measurement, non-existent, Present, gone, never existed, ever present, natural state of Mind, Open, Honest, Accepting and Allowing, Being, Awareness, Observer-Witness, Consciousness, Innocence, Beyond Belief, Beyond Fear, Beyond Everything, Beyond Everyone, Free, Unified with the Whole-One, No Contradiction, Total Interaction, Total Relationship with Mother Nature while Being the Truth-Law—Swords and interacting with All That Is!!!

Now is within the Experience of Being Present, Conscious, Aware and Mindful of Being Aware and Conscious…without Effort. With determination, curiosity, interest, vitality, love, kindness, honesty with openness.

Now is Mind-Mind Is Space…Space is free of structure…Space is Free of thought…..Space Allows…Space is Open and Accepting…Space is Opportunity…Space allows Creativity of All that Exists.

Now is the time for All Beings to Come to the Aid of our social family, lost in Time-Space—Body is Time; Space is Mind…when open, honest, accepting and allowing, we Join NATURE…All that Is and Everyone and Everything Benefits when Joining NOW!!!

Be Here Now,

Jerry Vest, LISW, LMT, Emeritus Professor, NMSU School of Social Work and Team Leader, SNM Alliance with Injured Warriors and Families. Join Us…..

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