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picture24 Jul 2014 @ 16:08, by Gerald Vest

Gerald W. Vest - I am pleased to share this brilliant discussion by Nancy Weaver re: our Nation's politics and how corporations are taking over the administration--policies, programs, services, courts, prisons, natural and human resources. Currently, there is no end in sight about their influencing and promoting legislation that works against our values and historical interest in serving humanity as One Body-Mind-Spirit.

Nancy tells it as it is about our Politics here in this Nation that has turned against the people in favor of their corporate sponsors. Disgusting and can they sleep at night knowing they have failed us/USA and are just a bunch of liars. Thank you, Nancy. I hope others will examine their beliefs and values so they can learn to vote for politicians who are highly developed beings with vast knowledge, compassion, understanding, respect for themselves and others, while appreciating we are in danger of losing our Bill of Rights and reason for Being Human-social creatures with a Mind that can Reason.

There's a lot going on behind the scenes in American politics -- we've been blind to it for decades. We're becoming aware of the Koch brothers' enormous influence, and their American Legislative Exchange Council -- [link] -- this is where corporations write bills for legislators state by state, and for Congress, too. Bills that become law favoring corporations, again and again. Laws against voting rights. Laws against women's reproductive rights. Laws against unions. Against the post office. Laws to deregulate industry. Laws giving tax breaks and subsidies to the wealthy and corporate interests. The Tax Code has been changed. The rich get richer. Millionaires become billionaires. We never had billionaires before. But the rich like to get Americans riled up about paying taxes -- and we are so blind to the tactic, we sign on. We don't want to pay taxes, either. Hell, no! And the nation crumbles .... as half of the taxes we pay continue to profit the military/industrial/congressional/media complex.

The NRA is closely aligned with ALEC. Partnership, really. ALEC sponsors lax gun laws. State by state, and Congress, too. Corporate money supports the NRA. Combined, this is a huge lobby and propaganda machine reaching into southern and rural America. Talk favoring guns and the Bible and fetuses go a long way... against education and evolution and voting rights. A moneyed machine with enormous political clout. If they don't like a politicians, they truly are political snipers. The PR machine places ads pro or con in every media outlet 24/7. There was a ton of ads in Oregon for the primary GOP candidate for Senate. Will Oregonians be persuaded by lying, glossy propaganda paid for with Koch money?

Intimidation is a big part of the blueprint for corporate control. The corporate GOP supports the NRA, or else! Our violent culture of mass shootings is something new in America. Why do corporations support lax gun laws? Killing machines are in abundance in the USA. Is it because they want angry white guys in America locked and loaded. To what purpose? Politicians are literally and figuratively in the cross-hairs if they don't do what corporations want. The gun toting/threatening rhetoric is all over the map in political-speak today. Threats of assassination are commonplace, when, in fact, that sort of talk ought to be abhorrent to all of US.

How gullible are Americans? The veil is beginning to peel away to show the ugly underside of corporate corruption in politics. Americans are beginning to see how much farther ahead are the wealthy, compared to all the rest of us, the 99 percent stagnating or under water. The Sandy Hook School massacre proved to America how ugly, callous, and irresponsible are the gun lovers, the NRA. But Americans still must tie this corrupt tangle of owners and politics together if democracy can survive; because it is a package deal of political corruption not seen before:
Koch +ALEC+NRA +GOP +Tea Party = the downfall of democracy.

The system has been rigged against us incrementally -- we hardly noticed for a decade or two. Our growing inequality wasn't mentioned in the corporate press. We paid for wars. We bailed out banks. We bailed the auto industry. We subsidize oil and gas. But our homes were foreclosed. College loans leave a life-time of debt. All other modern nations have universal health care. We don't. All other modern nations have a social safety net. All other modern nations have strict gun regulations. All other modern nations believe there is global warming. America is falling behind those other nations. Except in awful ways are we No. 1. Americans are gullible. Americans are going backward. Will we stand up for our principles and take our nation back to the Democratic Constitutional Republic we were meant to uphold -- a nation under law; with equality for all? Is there a light at the end of the tunnel, or is that a big train barreling down the track with a Koch logo ready to crush US?

Today's moneyed class, and the corporate owners, are worse than the Robber Barons of the Gilded Age -- they've already shipped manufacturing and other jobs offshore, and they own the media. We are being robbed!

The Golden Dove, our symbol of Peace which I have never experienced in my lifetime with these war mongering politicians is pictured, by Robin Woolley, LISW and SNM Injured Warrior Alliance, Health Promotion Team and our photographer.

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24 Dec 2014 @ 00:13 by jerryvest : Nancy can be followed on Huffinginton
Post and FB....she has outstanding knowledge, wisdom, love and truth that is expressed in all of her commentary and her logs, such as mine. She is a remarkable being who understands what is happening in our society, politically, socially, economically and most importantly, historically. She knows we are off track and heading toward the abyss, where everyone gets swallowed up by the alligators-society that is predatory and only interested in advancing and securing themselves...f*** everyone else...Know we live in a "Buyer Beware Economy and, a corporate business environment that is not even close to being Human and Caring and Responsible. Trickle Down $'s, power, control and resources. Let's Awaken Consciousness!!!  

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