Gerald Vest: The DSM is a Scam as is Psychiatry and Other Followers    
 The DSM is a Scam as is Psychiatry and Other Followers2 comments
picture11 May 2014 @ 15:01, by Gerald Vest

With a more comprehensive knowledge, we can exercise mind and body to their full capacities and develop a positive, freer way of being that increases our appreciation of the countless dimensions of human life. Tarthang Tulku, Knowledge of Freedom - Time to Change.

In our Helping Professions we are generally required to learn statistics, various methods of research and generally understand how to evaluate or assess research produced in our professions. We learn to examine the Reliability and Validity of the studies, the Number of participants in the Study, and review their measurements, instruments and protocols.

Hey, wake up America, we are being deceived and intoxicated by Big Pharmaceuticals, Psychiatry, Psychology, Clinical Social Work, Counseling Psychology, etc., their professional schools, professional organizations and licensing boards. They promote, support, teach and require our Health Professionals to buy in to their Scam...there is nothing about the Diagnostic-Statistical "Sick-care" Manual(DSM) that can stand the examination of validity and reliability of their DISORDERS.

They plant a False Label on their Patients-Clients and secure their image with a "Psychic Tattoo" for Life....cruel and inhumane treatment and they never just go away!

Note: See Injured Warrior Tattoos, with permission to post. Injured Warrior Tattoos on my Website--much like a "psychiatric-DSM label" they never just go away! [link]

Wake up and don't allow anyone to diagnose you and your children with a Disorder Label...sticks to the psyche like a Cancer.....makes you dependent on the "sick-care system" for Life, creating the VA Shuffle.

Please visit the Hidden Enemy, share it with friends, organize community presentations and report the abuse of these Cocktails and Labels...nothing at all scientific about them and they "get away with it" because you 'believe' in authority and don't do your RESEARCH. [link]

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16 May 2014 @ 19:41 by jerryvest : Visitors and Friends
Gerald W. Vest · Top Commenter · Professor Emeritus at NMSU-School of Social Work
Has anyone asked the psychiatrist if he has ever taken these cocktails she prescribed and followed up on the long-term research following several years of taking them. Latest evidence is that the frontal lobe of the brain is reduced in size, similar to their lobotomy patients of the 70's. No longer can reason as we see many elders in the Nursing Homes being drugged to oblivion and drooling. Never Touched except from wheel chair to bed and back again. Beware of the psychiatric and psychological protocols or we wouldn't be discussing these dangers here.  

13 Dec 2014 @ 01:44 by oakleysunglasses @ : sadasd
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