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picture20 Apr 2014 @ 13:34, by Gerald Vest

Transforming and Transcending Pain and Suffering…and, Learning about their Roots, Beliefs and Patterns

“Genuine suffering can touch our hearts honestly to show us our need for greater knowledge. But, in order to benefit from its instruction, we need to look beyond painful experiences and transform the patterns that caused them. Of what value is our present education—in the largest sense—if it does not teach us how to do this? If it does not teach us to be free of suffering and pain?” Tarthang Tulku, Knowledge of Freedom and Time to Change

We can all identify with the experiences of pain and suffering, however, our Vets, Returning Warriors and Families serving in the Military from over a decade of wars have experienced excessive and extreme pressure--stress, anxiety and depression.

As Professor Tulku so wisely describes, “…we need to look beyond painful experiences and transform the patterns that caused them...” into healthy learning opportunities, interaction and relationships. Patterns of conditioning have their roots in the early moments of life. Once born, our education is focused on learning to secure our safety and security while guided by our “Self Preservation Instinct” (Oscar Ichazo, Between Metaphysics and Protoanalysis)—joining our being with a society established with historical beliefs about how to be, live and relate with one another and with Mother Nature. Mommy and others, hopefully have open arms and hearts to greet us and welcome us into our new home and social environment.

This “Self Preservation Instinct,” not unlike the “Relation’s Instinct and Adaptation Instinct” are always seeking a successful, healthy response or answer to a “Living Question” as introduced by Ichazo:

Self Preservation—physically related to the Digestive System--answers the internal question, “How Am I?” Mother secures us safely by providing us love, kindness, physical nourishment that also offers us an opportunity for learning to give touch as we reach out to grasp our surrounding environmental teachers and lessons for learning. Perhaps we can recall this big leap into “school,” much like the Fool falling into the ravine with the Alligator about to swallow us up around the age five. The Fool Card is in the First Position entering the World. And, within the Knapsack on her back, she carries the unknown tools or trump cards for having a successful, challenging, learning and evolving Life Journey—the 1st. Suit represented with Wands as Knowledge--“learning” from our problems--pain and suffering-- becomes Wisdom represented by Pentacles. All life experiences include all of the Cards—Cups represent our experience with relationships and is about Love; Swords represent transforming our belief systems into Truth. Beliefs are often based on fear, uncertainty, prejudice and ignorance. When we return to our entrance into the World--honest, open, accepting, allowing, trusting and innocent. We are Truth--One With Nature. (Ichazo, Abstracted from Advanced Arica Trainings, 1972, Pittsburgh, Pa and NYC) Also, see Between Metaphysics and Protoanalysis

STRESS is the Result.

2. Our Relation’s Instinct, physically related to the Cardie-vascular System--heart, lungs, kidneys, bladder--must answer the living question successfully every moment as we are born very delicate, no defense, with many years of preparation ahead to become independent and secure—“Am I Safe and Secure with Who I am With"—inside and out? (Friend or Foe?). Father is generally the figure who has the role for providing safety and security for the family, however, often hasn’t learned from his own early childhood development. When the Instinct's living question is not answered successfully every moment of our lives, ANXIETY is the Result.

Note: A reminder from Pema Chodran, "When Things Fall Apart...", See my Bibliography. [link]

3. The Adaptation Instinct physically related to Brain and Nervous System, must answer successfully the question about “Doing”—"What am I Doing?" Thinking-Reasoning-Analyzing-Interpreting reality in our heads can be overwhelming and produces activity—internal chatter that often appears and creates confusion and a host of inhabitants related to senses, association, questions, concerns, without awareness or mindfulness.

DEPRESSION is the Result when we can not calm or quiet the Mind.

So, what can we do to prevent such Pain and Suffering?

Practice our breathing strategies, movement exercises and other forms of meditation to balance our whole being without pain and suffering is the Way of our Alliance. Moving, strengthening, balancing, coordinating our whole being every day, throughout the day and before sleep is the Healthy Way. Becoming Mindful with Right Action is possible when we can listen and assure ourselves that we care about ourselves, others, Nature and Humanity. This is our mission as human beings who have passed successfully through the development of "Knowledge, Wisdom, Love and Truth" as a complete and whole being free of Fear, Ignorance, Prejudice--Pain and Suffering. The "World" is in our hands and in our heart.

Our Instincts, our Insecurities, and our Life Experiences lead us toward our realization, our uniqueness and our purpose for being without this Pain and Suffering? And, what will you do to transcend and transform this pain and suffering into health and resilience?

We begin this commitment and this Journey with a professional or individual Self-Care Plan as introduced on my webpage. We learn to give Pain, blocked energy and circulation, space to release with our breathing awareness. Our Health Promotion Team is here to guide and help you through this pain and suffering with Integrative and Holistic Health Services. Come join us on Saturday morning from 9-11:30, Jerry's US Army Health Studio. [link]

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