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picture27 Feb 2014 @ 14:53, by Gerald Vest

Death is part of Life as we all realize, especially when one of our partners, big brother, brother-in-law and Mackey (known as our attack cat)...all passed into the Light during the past 4 months. Learning to maintain an honest-open, accepting, allowing approach or outlook is my lesson. I consciously bring light, loving and friendly thoughts to my mind. My meditations may begin with thoughts, feelings, sensations, and quietude. Colors become more present with my eyes closed and my image often appears sad and forlorn, when open. I have a conversation with all of my spiritual friends in a mirror image while serving as our team animals are deeply engaged with me and this experience as they often sit on my lap and rest on my feet.

My breath becomes very slow until 'it' (I) no longer exist...becomes very quiet, slow and calm...becoming united with this experience and while being is in relationship with 'all that is,' peace-love-appreciation manifests itself throughout. Toham Kum Rah-We Are One!!!

I thank all of my Master Teachers for assisting and guiding me through all of my life, health and relationships. I am so grateful and fortunate to have such beautiful life friends and family...'forever and ever.'


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2 Mar 2014 @ 05:09 by magical_melody : Keep Your Love-light Burning Bright!
Thank you again for sharing Gerald.

I sure can relate as 2013 for us was filled with major losses culminating with my Father in law passing in Sept and our loving cat companion making her grand exit on xmas eve. Ouch!

I feel in my heart - that this year is a spiritually potent one facilitating many to surrender to massive life changing events. You appear to be a forerunner in that change. Keep your love light burning bright for it shall guide you thru the longest nite.

Heart blessings to you and yours.
xxoo Alana  

2 Mar 2014 @ 15:40 by jerryvest : Thank you, Alana....and,
wish you and yours a safe evolution and blessing as well. Life is what Nature is and no use or help with fighting her....joining her is the way for us. Appreciate your thoughtful and kind remarks. jerry  

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