Gerald Vest: Learn to Breathe for Recovery, Restoration and Resilience--Mindful and Aware    
 Learn to Breathe for Recovery, Restoration and Resilience--Mindful and Aware0 comments
picture1 Sep 2013 @ 17:53, by Gerald Vest

Mindfulness is not forceful control, but an attentive awareness of what is occurring. When we remain quiet and observe the flow of the breath, the body and mind naturally release the energy stored in tension from its dense and solid forms. Liberated, this energy increases vitality and clarity, and strengthens our ability to defuse pressures. Instead of being caught up in a cycle of escalating pressure, we can develop an abiding peace and clarity that grow from within.” (Tarthang Tulku, Knowledge of Freedom-Time to Change, p.223)

Learning to observe our Breath consciously is one of our basic skill’s requirements for maintaining high levels of consciousness, restoration and resilience of our whole being. Our Breath (H2-O) is more than just oxygen and hydrogen fueling lives. Learning to expand the lungs with meditation and breathing exercises introduced from Kum Nye Meditation and Psychocalisthenics-Master Level Exercise teaches us how to disperse energies with vitality throughout our network of systems, producing healing and primary prevention of our “3 Killers” (Ichazo)—Stress, Anxiety and Depression. Learning to move consciously and mindfully with our breath, offers us the strength, coordination, balance, flexibility and awareness to experience and maintain healthy, balanced and enjoyable lives.

These vitalized energies nourish and transform War Trauma—painful memories stored throughout our body-mind, triggering fear, stress, anger, anxiety, depression, suicide ideation and suicides. The Behavioral “Health” or sick care protocols treat these natural consequences of War Trauma and Deployment(s) with psychotropic drugs for pain, sleep deprivation and other symptoms identified in the Diagnostic Statistical Manual 5 as a DISORDER-NOT!!! As introduced on our Injured Warrior Website, when our human systems are stressed to the max and facing death and injury 24-7 for many months, the result or consequences are extreme affecting the whole being and relationships, much more than our human organism can endure without serious injuries to the whole being—physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually and socially. In fact, the Warriors are injured to the ‘core’—the cellular level, effecting/affecting every system, especially the nerves, brain, expression, senses, muscular-skeletal, cardiovascular, digestive systems, all seeking a new balance—restoration, recovery and resilience.

It is for this reason that we learn to become aware of our breath and its various patterns throughout the day and evening, as we prepare for sleep and awaken ourselves for another day, mindfully breathing in and out--love, life, health and relationships.

Note: Firefly picture by Robin Woolley, LISW, Injured Warrior Alliance, Northern NM Team Coordinator and Co-team Leader, NMSU Health Promotion Team.

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