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picture18 Jul 2013 @ 13:26, by Gerald Vest

Thank you for visiting my website. Welcome Home our Vets and their Families with meaningful work opportunities, integrative & holistic health services, support groups, and an environment of loving-kindness, respect and appreciation for all that they have done, putting their lives on the line for us as a Nation and Community. And, Psychiatry-Psychology, BigPharma, et al, stop pretending you are helping Vets & families with your dangerous Labels & Drug Cocktails. Incarcerating them and their children in the jails and mental hospitals is not the solution. Rather, identify our vets returning home and offer them "Best Practice Health Services." [link]

Joining our unique human being with Nature produces a Healing-Restoration-Resilience response to war trauma injuries--Stress, Anxiety and Depression. This war Injury, identified as PTSd, is a natural human response and reaction to the war experience of extensive deployments and separation from family, extensive and intensive threats to the Self Preservation, Relations & Adaptation Instincts--24/7 (Ichazo)--injuring every system of the body-mind-spirit-emotions, family and social relationships. Warriors, you are *NOT* the DSM Label-Disorder (for life) that psychiatry & psychology give you. Our mind has no openness for healthy improvement, restoration & resilience, once fixed with these harmful labels and treated with multiple psychotropics.

Everything, including our thoughts, emotions, feelings and sensations serve as our spirit guides as they interact together in our Body-Mind to engage and move us toward awareness--realization and freedom. Strategic Breathing, Mindfulness and Awareness accompany and forge a relationship with “All that Is”. Our human and social interactions form a web and produce relationships and learning so that we can become fully human--while offering us an opportunity to experience Nature as our true source of nourishment-- life, health and relationships—an inseparable partner. Joining Nature is a program mission that our Health Promotion Team has adopted to recover from the catastrophic injuries our returning Warriors and their families have experienced. Having been physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually and socially separated from one another, often for several long term war deployments, everyone is affected and injured as well. Family systems are not unlike our whole body-mind-spirit-emotion network. What affects one system, organ, nerve, muscle, cell, etc. affects the whole.

Every system, including our thoughts, emotions, feelings, and sensations are catastrophic injuries and experienced as disorientation, anger, guilt, avoidance, self blame, isolation and hopelessness. Our Program is designed to bring together our whole being to engage and move us toward advancing our goals, aspirations and freedom. Mindfulness and awareness exercises, like meditation & body work, establish a relationship uniting our natural and social environments. Our program provides teaching-learning opportunities so that we can become fully experienced and aware human beings matching Nature & Mind--honest, open, accepting, allowing beings without judgment—an inseparable partnership with love and kindness.


Photo by Robin Woolley, LISW, New Mexico Integrative & Holistic Health Team

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19 Aug 2013 @ 13:58 by jerryvest : Military Suicides
Do visit my Forum where I maintain a database on research related to my Social Work Practice. I hope this helps my students and colleagues as I enjoy examining research reports on my favorite subjects. I also am a social activist who knows that we need to have an oversight of the Big Corporations who have a predatory nature as it fits with Capitalism and "Buyer Beware" business model.{link:}  

21 Aug 2013 @ 01:43 by jerryvest : Join our Injured Warrior Conversation..
Just a reminder that it would be great if you called our Discussion-Conversation on KSNM 570AM--575-527-4570 (9-12N) and join our discussion on our Injured Warrior Alliance--our goals, your experiences, interest, activities, and more. We are very concerned that our communities are not organized to Identify and Meet the basic human need requirements for our returning families. We also would like to determine how our Vet children and families are adapting to the changes, often following several tours of duty and many years in the Military Culture. Many children and youth, like their moms and dads, may not be fully appreciated and understood as having serious injuries of separation and loss, living without a dad or mom for long periods, threatening their family health, education, safety and security. This is a common experience and with numerous injuries related to War trauma and deployment(s). I'm looking forward to discussing these issues with Randy Harris and our community on the Radio and with his weekly "Conversations" on our Downtown Mall every Sat. Come Join Us!!!
Gerald W. Vest, ACSW/LISW/LMT
Injured Warrior, TRICARE Provider--Individual, Couple, Family & Group
Holistic & Integrative Health Practitioner & Professor Emeritus NMSU
Las Cruces, NM 88005

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