Gerald Vest: Healthy Values & Role Models Missing in our Society    
 Healthy Values & Role Models Missing in our Society2 comments
picture29 May 2013 @ 12:44, by Gerald Vest

The fact is you have to be taught to be human. The potentialities for being human may be there, but, if they are not humanly stimulated, conditioned, and organized, they do not develop human form. The stimulator, the conditioner, and the organizer of human potentialities is culture. Education and Human Relations by Ashley Montagu, p. 32)

I hope we can learn from these sad stories? I know Star City, outside of Morgantown, a wonderful community with a great University (WVU). I think that teenagers are only beginning to understand who they are, form an identity that gives them meaning and purpose in life and these teens, like others, lost their way. No one is born evil as many religions claim, all are perfect at birth and how we are parented & schooled--loved, encouraged and treated with kindness and respect, determines our future.

Healthy human values do provide a foundation for us; however, our society is now known to be cruel, unjust, indifferent, socially, politically and economically bankrupt. Frankly, the Supreme Court is an unjust system giving corporations people power & control over our society without any oversight, including a divided Congress that doesn't recognize the value of cooperation-- all responsible for pain and suffering of next generations. Not many examples of healthy life with positive & loving relationships, leadership by example--a continuation of wars, WMD's, with no end in sight is the path youth are following today. Many of our next generations have never experienced a society that respects the dignity of all and with few healthy models, only abuse, cruelty, punishment, superficial rewards and romantisized relationships. And, with never ending fears, ignorance and prejudice so unconsciously introduced by the adults, parents, friends and leadership in every community, we are bound to see these never ending murders every day with a Culture of Violence, Ignorance and Fear.

Skylar Neese Murder: Rachel Shoaf's Plot To Kill Classmate Shocks Town
STAR CITY, W.Va. -- For nearly nine months, the people of this small West Virginia town saw the face of missing 16-year-old honors student Skylar Neese everywhere beaming at them from fliers on utility poles, in gas stations....

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7 Jun 2013 @ 14:21 by jerryvest : Just curious...
Is NCN no longer an interactive Forum and Discussion Group....I'm guilty of not responding to others very often as well....just wondering if this is perhaps a means for us to express our frustrations, anger and disappointments in ourselves, our government, our relationships, etc.?  

9 Jun 2013 @ 23:36 by jerryvest : After I raise a question, of course,
like most of us here. We are curious and want to express ourselves and our ideas, values, politic, culture and more. Some of us here interacted on the BBS System operating off modems. Very slow, but even they got faster in a few short years for me before the Internet. I had a dozen discussion groups that I coordinated and our students serve as moderators and to learn to interact with this medium. NewCiv has been a good avenue and open place for me to express my ideas and also operate as a community advocate with issues related social justice, prisons, detention centers, and other punishing institutions such as Mental & Behavioral Health System...labeling & drugging to despair and disillusionment brings our injured warriors to suicide ideation and then suicide. This is the ego's final hurrah or Huuah...this is where I want to meet our returning warriors so we can Join our Nature with our True Nature--and, works both sides of apparent contradictions completely. Life-Death; Freedom-Controlled; Rigid-Sensitive; etc. I have noticed that if we view ourselves and Nature as unified, one, and in total interaction and relationship, totally interdependent & dependent on All that Is, we can never take ourselves out forever as we are going through cycles and continual change...we now know our Breath Charts our it's becoming mindful of our breathing and our breath as we express ourselves here and everywhere. Just some reflections on my experience as a long term NCNer.  

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