Gerald Vest: Drugging our Elders to Death    
 Drugging our Elders to Death1 comment
picture12 May 2013 @ 18:02, by Gerald Vest

To grow young means to grow in our youthful traits, not to grow out of or to abandon them. (Growing Young, Ashley Montague, p. 196)

Medicare Drug Program Putting Seniors, People With Disabilities At Risk
Commented May 12, 2013 at 10:04:20 in Politics

“This is a very excellent article describing how our elders are being over-medicated with antipsychotics and, as current research clearly demonstrates, these drugs reduce the frontal lobe of the brain, just as the lobotomies did earlier. It is no wonder that our elders just sit in their wheel chairs for several years, unable to interact, reason, read, exercise-walk-move, or even enjoy or appreciate their life. These drug cocktails are given so the private & corporate nursing homes don't have to employ nursing, rehab, social work and other staff to support health and wellbeing. Where are the advocates and omsbudsmen/women? They apparently support these disgusting psychiatric protocols and drugging practices as nothing changes during the past 20-30 years.” [link]

One resident in a Veteran's Home that I introduced our StressOut Program regularly with our Injured Warriors told our group that she was "so grateful God Visited us today." She announced that they were only 'touched' daily from wheel chair to bed and back again at the end of the day. Very sad and disappointing that our vets are treated with suck lack of care, drugged and given little to no safe, skillful and nourishing touch that we have been introducing for years. [link]


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